Candidates & Biofuels: Ilhan Omar

  • Thursday, 15 October 2020 13:26

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Today we head to Minnesota's 5th Congressional District where incumbent candidate, Rep. Ilhan Omar, is up against Lacy Johnson. Only Omar replied to our questions.

D5 Rep. Ilhan Omarcropped Ilhan Omar (D)

Q. What is your position concerning the current state of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)? Should the EPA follow the 10th Circuit Federal Court's decision regarding Small Refinery Exemption (SRE) waivers and reject current, future and gap year SRE applications from the oil industry?

A. It is very disturbing that President Trump refuses to announce the 2021 renewable fuel production levels until after the election. The Renewable Fuel Standard has reduced U.S. dependence on oil, lowered fuel prices, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided good jobs for our farmers and producers. The EPA should follow the Court’s decision and reduce the number of waivers it grants to refiners. 

Q. Given the large number of spark ignition-powered vehicles on the road and the need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, what is your position concerning a possible Low Carbon High Octane Fuel Standard to replace more petroleum with greater amounts of renewable ethanol?

A. It is important that we continue to phase-out dependence on fuel-powered cars as we move towards a more sustainable economy, and ethanol is currently one alternative option available to us. I am supportive of developing a Low Carbon High Octane Fuel Standard in addition to researching and investing in a multitude of transportation alternatives that will help draw down greenhouse gas emissions. 

Q. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected Minnesota's ethanol industry. At one point, plants were shutdown while others had to significantly reduce production. While production has begun to approach pre-pandemic levels, Minnesota’s ethanol producers are still facing severe financial distress. Would you support financial aid to Minnesota’s ethanol producers?

A. I feel for all our families that have been negatively impacted by the President’s trade war with China and poor policies during the Pandemic. Yes, I support sending financial aid to our farmers and producers. 

Q. Do you support making higher ethanol blends, such as E15, available across Minnesota and the United States through infrastructure funding?

A. It is important that we continue transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel towards efficiency and sustainable energy. We want to use all the sustainable type energies that we can and it’s important that we continue to fund more research to expand and increase the efficiency of biofuels. 

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