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Looking for the latest biofuel-related news? Then look no further. Our team constantly compiles the most relevant news stories on the issues and developments of the day. 



10-20-2017 EPA Abandons Changes to U.S. Biofuel Program After Lawmaker Pressure

10-19-2017 Op-Ed: High Renewable Fuel Standard Crucial to Help Farmers and Climate

10-18-2017 Trump Tells EPA to Boost Biofuels After Iowa Uproar

10-17-2017 Ernst Meets with EPA Administrator Pruitt to Stress Need to Maintain a Strong RFS

10-16-2017 New Statistical Analysis: No Relationship Between RIN Credits and Retail Gasoline Prices

10-13-2017 EPA Approves Flint Hill Resources' Iowa Falls Plant For Cellulosic Ethanol Using Edeniq's Technology

10-11-2017 Farm Bill Energy Issues Essential for State, Franken Says

10-10-2017 Growth Energy: More Than 1,000 US Fuel Stations Now Offering E15

10-05-2017 Senators Urge Pruitt to Issue Strong 2018 RFS RVOs

10-04-2017 Grassley Hopeful on Fate of Renewable Fuels

10-03-2017 Gevo to Supply Jet Fuel to Virgin Australia at Brisbane Airport in Australia Flights Expected to be Flown through the End of 2018

10-03-2017  RFA Signs Letter Urging President Trump to Maintain Strong Commitment to Biofuels

10-02-2017 USGC Works to Expand Ethanol Use in Africa

10-02-2017 Trump Must Make the Renewable Fuel Standard Great Again


9-27-2017 EPA Mulls Counting Ethanol Exports Against Mandates: Sources

9-26-2017 US EPA Considers Cutting 2018-19 Advanced Biofuel Mandate on Biodiesel Supply

9-26-2017 Grassley: Proposed Biofuel Reduction Seems Like "Bait-And-Switch"

9-25-2017 U.S. Corn Ethanol Producers Aim To Out-Pump Competitors

9-20-2017 Al-Corn Ethanol Project Will Benefit Area Corn Farmers

9-19-2017 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Members Vote To Become Limited Liability Company

9-19-2017 Senators Ask Lighthizer To Resolve Brazilian Tariff Issue

9-15-2017 Enerkem Begins Commercial Production Of Cellulosic Ethanol From Garbage At Its State-Of-The-Art Edmonton Biofuels Facility

9-13-2017 EIA Increases 2017, 2018 Ethanol Production Forecasts

9-13-2017 China Set for Ethanol Binge as Beijing Pumps Up Renewable Fuel Drive

9-11-2017 Edeniq Supports LCFS Pathway For Corn Kernel Fiber Ethanol

9-08-2017 Vietnam Reopens Market to U.S. DDGS Exports

9-07-2017 Al-Corn Expansion on-Budget, Under-Schedule, CEO Says


8-29-2017 More Ethanol Equals Improved Air Quality and Reduced Oil Dependency

8-28-2017 Cellerate + Enogen Could Meet Cellulosic Ethanol Goal

8-23-2017 Biofuels and Biogas Unite in Call for Cellulosic Targets

8-21-2017 EPA Approves Efficient Producer Pathway for Al-Corn Clean Fuel

8-18-2017 New Academic Journal Study : RFS Offers Substantial Benefits To US Economy

8-17-2017 USGC: Exports of US Feed Grains In All Forms Setting Records

8-08-2017 Al-Corn CEO Testifies at EPA Hearing

8-04-2017 Minnesota Biodiesel Standard Will Double Next Year

8-04-2017 Canada Unseats Brazil as Top Ethanol Export Destination in June

8-03-2017 Will the Biofuels Era Take Off at Sea-Tac?

8-03-2017 A Better Fuel Mix Can Be 'Made in America'

8-02-2017 Research Aims To 'Co-Optimize' Biofuels For Future Engines

8-02-2017 Govs. Ricketts, Reynolds Testify at EPA Hearing, Urge Greater Federal Support for Advanced Biofuels


7-28-2017 Court Decision Released on Case Against 2015 RFS

7-26-2017 Minnesota E15 sales Hit Monthly Record

7-21-2017 U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production Continues to Grow in 2017

7-19-2017 USGC: US DDGS Exports Up 16 Percent to Southeast Asia

7-19-2017 Consumer & Fuel Retailer Choice Act deserves OK

7-17-2017 Al-Corn Expansion a Bit Ahead of Schedule

7-17-2017 Tiny Particles Increase in Air with Ethanol-to-Gasoline Switch

7-12-2017 Al-Corn Ethanol Production Closes in On 3-gallon Per Bushel Goal

7-12-2017 EPA schedules hearing on RFS proposal for Aug. 1

7-10-2017 Opinion: Increased Access to E15 Will Help to Drive U.S. Energy Independence

7-06-2017 Peterson on the EPA’s RFS Proposal

7-05-2017 Klobuchar on EPA Release of Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard Requirements

7-05-2017 Sen. Franken’s Statement on the Proposed 2018 Renewable Fuel Standard Targets

7-05-2017 Proposed Volume Standards for 2018, and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2019


6-30-2017 Brazilian Ethanol Concerns Said to Drive Delay in EPA's Quotas

6-27-2017 American Oversight Sues EPA to Release Communications with Carl Icahn

6-27-2017 More Energy, More Choice

6-23-2017 Representatives Press Pruitt On Icahn’s role In Shaping the RFS

6-19-2017 U.S. Ethanol Organizations Applaud Mexico’s Adoption Of E10

6-16-2017 Nissan Brazil Ends Initial Tests of Ethanol Fuel Cell

6-14-2017 Senate Hearing Reviews E15 Bill; Path Forward Unclear

6-13-2017 Poll: Small Engine Owners Power Up on Ethanol Blends

6-07-2017 RFS Has Been ‘Tremendous Success’ Since Adoption, According to RFA Analysis

6-07-2017 Waste Not, Want Not: Byproduct of Ethanol Industry Makes Suitable Cattle Feed Supplement

6-06-2017 U.S. Senators Press EPA for Documents on Icahn's Biofuel Dealings

6-05-2017 E15 Biofuel in NASCAR and Spreading Across the Country


5-26-2017 Owning The Ethanol Exec Role

5-24-2017 American Drivers Surpass 1 Billion Miles on E15

5-24-2017 Free Trade Needed to Maximize Biofuels’ Benefit

5-22-2017 EPA: 1.79 billion RINs generated in April

5-17-2017 Solenis Acquires Nopco Colombiana

5-11-2017 EIA Increases 2017 Ethanol Production Outlook 

5-11-2017 Argonne National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Receive Funding to Support the Blending of Gevo’s Isobutanol with Gasoline

5-10-2017 Gevo Discusses Future Plans for Luverne Plant

5-08-2017 Secretary Perdue Shows Support for Renewable Energy

5-04-2017 Renewable Fuels Are Part of an ‘America First’ Energy Plan


4-26-2017 RVP Parity a Win, Win for Consumers  

4-26-2017 Novozymes Eyes Increase in US Ethanol Output

4-25-2017 Untold Story of DDGS’ Positive Environmental Impact

4-19-2017 U.S. Gasoline Contained More than 10% Ethanol in 2016, Shattering the ‘Blend Wall’ Myth Once and For All

4-07-2017 API Push Poll Doesn’t Reflect Reality

4-06-2017 Syngenta Discusses the Future of Cellulosic Ethanol and Opportunities for Dry Grind Ethanol Producers

4-04-2017 RFA: February Ethanol Exports Neared Record, DDGS Shipments Rose

4-03-2017 Ethanol Workforce Big on Military Vets


3-31-2017 LETTER: Ethanol Production is Crucial for Economy

3-28-2017 To Win RFS Fights, We Must Stand United

3-21-2017 2017-'18 RVOs Assumed Intact as Regulatory Freeze Deadline Passes

3-19-2017 Louisiana Becomes 29th State to Adopt E15 Ethanol

3-18-2017 Inver Grove Plant Would be First in U.S. to Turn Garbage Into Ethanol

3-16-2017 Economists: Octane Premium Offsets Ethanol Energy Penalty

3-16-2017 Senators Urge Trump to Maintain RFS Point of Obligation

3-09-2017 Chart of Note: The U.S. Is The Top World Net Exporter Of Ethanol

3-08-2017 Trump Adviser Icahn Accused of Breaching Lobbying Rules

3-06-2017 COMMENTARY: Small Retailers Against Changing RFS Point of Obligation

3-06-2017 Branstad Shoots Down Rumored Anti-Ethanol Backroom Deal

3-03-2017 Peterson Statement: Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act


2-28-2017 'Purest Definition Of A Conflict': Icahn's $126 Million Gain On Biofuel Deal Draws Criticism

2-28-2017 RFA Talking Ethanol Regs with Trump Adviser

2-22-2017 New Economic Analysis Exposes Problems with Changing the Renewable Fuel Standard Point of Obligation

2-22-2017 Ethanol, the Key to Recovery of the Farm Economy

2-22-2017 Retailers, Marketers Urge EPA to Maintain Point of Obligation

2-21-2017 US Drivers to Rely on Internal Combustion for Decades to Come

2-21-2017 Novozymes Launches Advanced Enzymes to Increase Ethanol Yields and Plant Profits

2-17-2017 Ernst Leads Letter to EPA Calling for Solution to Costly, Burdensome Ethanol Regulations

2-16-2017 Ace Ethanol to Install D3MAX Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Plant

2-15-2017 Racing, Engine Experts See Benefits in Ethanol

2-14-2016 Peterson, Davis, Noem, and Loebsack Lead Call for Strong RFS

2-14-2017 Gevo Signs Letter of Intent with HCS Holding for Commercial Supply of Isooctane

2-14-2017 Jungbunzlauer and Green Biologics Partner on Bio-Based Plasticizers

2-14-2017 New RFA Report Shows U.S. Distillers Grains Exports Reached 11.48 Million Metric Tons in 2016

2-13-2017 Dems Probe Trump Adviser Icahn’s Role in Ethanol Policy

2-09-2017 NDSU Scientists Study Distillers Grains as Fertilizer

2-08-2017 EIA Revises 2017, 2018 Ethanol Production Forecasts

2-08-2017 Ethanol Production Tops a Million Barrels for 15th Week in a Row

2-07-2017 Ethanol and DDGS Exports Cap Off 2016 with Strong December Volumes

2-01-2017 Ethanol Production Continues to Set Records


1-31-2017 EPA Approves Little Sioux Corn Processors for Cellulosic Ethanol

1-28-2017 Farmers Looking at On-Farm Ethanol Plants

1-26-2017 Outlook 2017: Rapid Adoption of E15

1-25-2017 No Impact on RFS Expected from Regulation Freeze

1-23-2017 Fuel Ethanol’s Role in the Fight Against Climate Change

1-21-2017 Successful Minnesota Biofuels Industry Awaits Trump

1-19-2017 US Ethanol Production Breaks Record for Third Consecutive Week

1-16-2017 U.S. Ethanol Exports up 85% During First Quarter

1-16-2017 New UN Report Shows Food vs Fuel Fallacy

1-13-2017 Study Looks at Biofuel for Flights Out of Sea-Tac

1-13-2017 EIA: Ethanol Production Expected to Increase Slightly in 2018

1-12-2017 USDA : Corn Ethanol Reduces GHG Emissions By 43%

1-11-2016 US Ethanol Industry Opens 2017 with Record-Setting Production

1-10-2017 Gevo Releases Operational Update, Achieves EPA Pathway Approval

1-10-2017 Bushmills Ethanol Plans Expansion Pending MPCA Review

1-09-2017 Prospects for Corn Consumption from Ethanol Production in 2017

1-08-2017 Ethanol Increasingly a Stabilizing Factor for Iowa Farmers' Income

1-06-2017 Syngenta Grows Enogen® Corn Footprint, With Total Ethanol Production Capacity Now Approaching 2 Billion Gallons

1-05-2017 Grassley Welcomes Positive Statement on Renewable Fuel Standard, Rule of Law from EPA Nominee

1-05-2017 Weekly Ethanol Production is Higher

1-04-2017 Grassley to Host Meeting with Pruitt, Midwest Senators

1-03-2017 Activist Investor Wrong to Attack Homegrown Biofuels



12-29-2016 Iowa Energy Plan Includes Role Ethanol Can Play in State's Future

12-27-2016 Pellet Made from Distillers Grain Packs Protein, Not Fat

12-22-2016 Call to Action

12-20-2016 EPA Approves Flint Hills Resources for Cellulosic Ethanol from Edeniq’s Pathway Technology

12-19-2016 Creating Jobs with Innovation

12-14-2016 US Ethanol Production Sets New Weekly Record

12-13-2016 DOE Data: Half of United States Broke Through So-Called "Blend Wall" In 2015

12-13-2016 Minnesota n-Butanol Plant Comes Online

12-07-2016 Reinvigorating Renewable Energy in Southern Minnesota

12-07-2016 Ethanol Industry Offers Agribusiness Potential

12-05-2016 Franken Successfully Helps Fight to Improve RFS

12-04-2016 Ernst Stresses Importance of Strong RFS for Rural Economies at Hearing

12-02-2016 How United Leads the Airline Industry in Reducing Carbon Emissions

12-01-2016 RFA Statement on Senate Hearing Focused on GAO RFS Reports

12-01-2016 Groups Letter to EPA: Don't Change RFS Program Point of Obligaton


11-30-2016 RFA Analysis: Automakers Approve E15 in More than 80% of New 2017 Vehicles

11-29-2016 GAO RFS Reports Paint Incomplete Picture of Advanced Biofuels

11-28-2016 Ethanol Provides a Bright Spot in Dismal Ag Picture

11-25-2016 EPA: Cellulosic RIN Generation Reaches 17.79 Million in October

11-24-2016 New Federal Mandate a Victory for Minnesota's Ethanol Producers

11-23-2016 Klobuchar on Obama's Fenewable Fuel Requirement: 'We couldn't have better Thanksgiving news'

11-23-2016 Final Renewable Fuel Standards for 2017, and the Biomass-Based Diesel Volume for 2018

11-21-2016 Car Clinic’s Bobby Likis Talks Ethanol & Mechanics

11-21-2016 Argonne Researchers Study How Reflectivity of Biofuel Crops Impacts Climate

11-20-2016 Renewable Fuel Standard 'Solid' Through Trump Era, Vilsack Says

11-16-2016 White House Decarbonization Report Addresses Biofuels, Biomass

11-16-2016 New Report Knocks the Stuffing Out of ‘Food vs. Fuel’ Turkeys

11-14-2016 Gevo (GEVO) Says Alaska Airlines to Fly Today on Its Cellulosic Renewable Alcohol to Jet Fuel

11-11-2016 NASCAR to Surpass 10 million Miles on Sunoco Green E15

11-10-2016 EPA Aims to Reject Request to Move RFS Point of Obligation

11-10-2016 AgMRC Looks At Drivers Behind High Ethanol Blending

11-09-2016 RFA: September Ethanol Exports Balloon as China Returns to Market

11-07-2016 Emails Show Collusion Against Ethanol

11-02-2016 Ethanol Advocates, Opponents Brace for Ruling

11-01-2016 Novozymes Named to Climate “A-List”


10-31-2016 SeaTac Aims to be National Leader in Jet Biofuels, Announces Study with Richard Branson’s Nonprofit

10-25-2016 USDA Awards $327 Million in REAP Funding

10-22-2016 Is Ethanol in Your Gas a Problem? We Revisited the Question With an Expert

10-20-2016 White House OMB Reviews 2017 RFS Rule

10-19-2016 RFA: Data Show the So-Called “Blend Wall” is Crumbling

10-19-2016 UAI: EPA Emails Show Oil Industry Helped Design Test Fuels

10-18-2016 Don’t Let Foreign Interests Prevent US Biofuels Future

10-17-2016 Auto Club Monitoring Proves Ethanol Blending Safe

10-13-2016 Ethanol Plant Keeping Up at Harvest

10-11-2016 Gevo Produces First Cellulosic Renewable Jet Fuel Specified for Use on Commercial Airline Flights

10-11-2016 Data Dispel the Myth of the Blend Wall

10-04-2016 Green Biologics Selects Caldic as its EU Distribution Partner

10-03-2016 EPA Proposes Biofuels Market Growth Rule


9-28-2016 Americans Pumping Record Amounts of Ethanol in Their Gasoline

9-27-2016 High Octane, Low Carbon Fuels Can Play Role in Compliance with Fuel Economy and GHG Standards, RFA Says

9-21-2016 New DOE Study: Gas Becomes “Stale” Long Before Water Uptake Becomes a Concern

9-21-2016 At The Heart Of The Ethanol Process

9-19-2016 Do We Still Need a Renewable Fuel Standard?

9-14-2016 Bureaucratic Barrier To Cleaner, Cheaper E15 Will Be Lifted Thursday

9-07-2016 Gevo To Supply Lufthansa With Renewable Jet Fuel

9-06-2016 New York Proposes Updated Fuel Regulations Allowing for E15


8-30-2016 Wayne Standardizes Offering for All North American Retail

8-25-2016 API-Funded Study Obscures Lifecycle Emission Benefits Of Biofuels

8-23-2016 Renewable Fuels Deserve A Place At The Pump

8-19-2016 It's Time To Address RVP

8-15-2016 Al-Corn Celebrates 20 Years, Looks To Future

8-12-2016 Record Crop, Record Ethanol Production Underscore Importance of Getting RFS Back on Track

8-09-2016 #ACE2016 Hears about Booming Minnesota #Ethanol Industry

8-08-2016 In Pitting Biofuels Against The Environment, Only Clear Winner Is Oil

8-08-2016 Nissan Debuts Fuel-Cell Prototype Powered By Bio-Ethanol

8-04-2016 Nissan Pushes Forward With Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Development

8-03-2016 RFA Asks EPA, CFTC To Examine Possible Manipulation Of RIN Market


7-29-2016 Does the U.S. EPA Not Want Biofuels?

7-26-2016 Jim Wessing: EPA Should Maintain Renewable Fuel Standard

7-25-2016 USDA Seeks Applications for Funding to Help Develop Advanced Biofuels and Biobased Products

7-22-2016 Automotive Expert & Car-Talk Host Bobby Likis Talks with Randy Doyal, Chief Executive Officer of Al-Corn Clean Fuel

7-19-2016 The Energy and Job Creation Program that Works for People and the Environment

7-19-2016 U.S. Fuel Terminal Operator to Offer Higher Ethanol Blend

7-15-2016 US House Biofuels Caucus Makes Final Plea for EPA to Increase Biofuel Target to 15bn Gallons

7-14-2016 40-Plus Groups Call on Congress to End Tax Breaks for Big Oil

7-12-2016 Ethanol Standard Saves Consumers Money

7-10-2016 Ethanol Fuels the Race Against Climate Change

7-08-2016 Ethanol Claim A Dangerous Combination Of Misinformation, Power

7-06-2016 How Biofuels Can Help Break Up Big Oil’s Marketshare Monopoly


6-29-2016 Strategies to Combating Climate Change Must Include Biofuels

6-28-2016 EPA Seeks Comments on RFS

6-28-2016 Study Finds US Biodiesel Industry Supports Nearly 48,000 Jobs

6-24-2016 Ethanol Clean, Renewable, High Performing Fuel

6-24-2016 Klobuchar, Grassley Lead Bipartisan Group Of 39 Senators In Calling For A Strong Renewable Fuel Standard For 2017 As EPA Finalizes Rule

6-21-2016 API Singing the Same Push Poll Tune

6-16-2016 Biofuels Industry Looks to Meet Strong Demand, Emission Needs

6-15-2016 GRFA: Commit to Biofuels Policies to Achieve COP21 Targets

6-15-2016 US Ethanol Production Sets New Weekly Record

6-15-2016 Bioenergy Crops Are Not a Risk to Food Production, Says a New Report

6-14-2016 Nissan to Develop Ethanol-Based Fuel Cell Technology by 2020

6-07-2016 Alaska Airlines Operates First Flights with Minnesota-Made Corn-Based Jet Fuel

6-03-2016 U.S. Net Ethanol Exports Hit 52-Month High ; China Is Top Market For Second Straight Month


5-31-2016 Trestle, Larksen Partner To Reduce CO2 From Ethanol, Coal Power

5-25-2016 Ethanol Called Fuel of Future

5-25-2016 The Case for More Ethanol: Why Green Critics Are Wrong

5-24-2016 US Water Facility in Minnesota Wins Safety Award

5-20-2016 Ethanol Fuels Energy Security

5-19-2016 Gov. Ricketts Highlights Benefits of Biofuels During Renewable Fuels Month

5-18-2016 It's Time For An Octane Boost

5-11-2016 RFA Statement Opposing Bill Capping Ethanol Blends

5-10-2016 Boating and Engine Experts Call on Lawmakers to Boost Biofuel Blends

5-09-2016 US Looks to Go Big on Biofuels as It Diversifies Away From Foreign Oil

5-09-2016 Nearly All U.S. Ethanol is Produced and Sold in Domestic Markets

5-03-2016 Volkswagen to Promote Biofuel-Powered Cars Ahead of Electric Ones to Tackle Carbon Emissions, New Report Suggests

5-02-2016 New Ethanol Production Technology Could Use DDG for Biofuels


4-28-2016 US Water to Present at Fuel Ethanol Workshop

4-28-2016 RFS Central to America’s Manufacturing Strength

4-22-2016 EPA: 1.52 billion RINs Generated in March

4-18-2016 EPA Submits 2017 RFS Rule To White House OMB For Review

4-18-2016 Think It's Fair Big Oil Receives $5 billion Per Year Subsidies? Neither Do We

4-12-2016 EIA : 2016, 2017 Ethanol Production To Increase Over 2015

4-12-2016 The Auto Channel Fires Back At False E15 Claims

4-06-2016 Growth Energy: More Than 150 Million Miles Driven on E15

4-06-2016 Push Poll Push Back

4-05-2016 Biofuel Trade Associations Ask Congressional Leaders to Extend Advanced Biofuel Incentives

4-04-2015 Fuel Option That Reduces Emissions Already Exists


3-29-2016 GRFA Offers Support for Policies to Reduce Transport Emissions

3-27-2016 In Lean Market, Efficiency Improvements Key for Ethanol

3-23-2016 Senators Want Higher Blending Targets For RFS In 2017

3-22-2016 Report Highlight's Impact of Iowa's Ethanol Industry

3-17-2016 I'll Show You A Relic!

3-16-2016 Jerke: Despite Big Oil’s Efforts, Biofuels Are Moving U.S. Forward

3-16-2016 What’s Missing from House Oversight RFS Hearing? The Ethanol Industry

3-10-2016 It Is OK to Fuel the Boat with Ethanol

3-07-2016 China Takes U.S. Ethanol Export Market by Storm; DDGS Exports Slip by 19%

3-07-2016 RFA Analysis Finds Improvement of Corn Ethanol Net Energy Balance

3-03-2016 Vislack Defends Biofuels, Bioenergy During House Hearing

3-02-2016 Growth Energy: Poll Reaffirms Iowans Support of Ethanol and RFS


2-29-2016 Official Numbers Released Today Confirm Record Ethanol Production and Use

2-23-2016 EPA: 1.74 Million Cellulosic RINs Generated in January

2-18-2016 U.S. Exports of Distillers Grains Set New Record in 2015, According to New RFA Report

2-17-2016 GFRA Calls on National Governments to End Fossil Fuels Subsidies

2-16-2016 Ethanol Industry had Wide-Ranging Impact on National Economy in 2015, According to New Study

2-16-2016 Raise Your Voice or Lose Your Choice: RFS Launches #FlexMyChoice FFV Awareness Campaign

2-12-2016 Going Full Throttle With Ethanol

2-12-2016 Economist: No Sunset for RFS, Waivers Impact Future Authority

2-11-2016 ACE: GREET Shows Improvement in Life Cycle Ethanol Emissions

2-09-2016 Corn Use for Ethanol Offsets Lower USDA Export Forecast

2-08-2016 Dupont Says RFS Volumes Put Company's Cellulosic Ethanol Investments at Risk

2-05-2016 As RFA Prepares to Host International Buyers, New Report Shows U.S. Ethanol Exports Reached 836 Million Gallons In 2015

2-04-2016 Economists: Ethanol Retains Low-cost Octane Enhancer Status

2-04-2016 E25, E40 for the Masses


1-29-2016 Cruz Reiterates Firm Opposition To RFS, Other Mandates

1-25-2016 Cruz, Branstad Continue Ethanol Feud

1-21-2016 Promises Made In Iowa

1-20-2015 Donald Trump Turns To Ethanol To Fuel Fight With Ted Cruz

1-19-2015 Iowa Governor Wants Ted Cruz Defeated

1-13-2015 New Study Questions Reliability of Ethanol Results from EPA Vehicle Emissions Model

1-12-2016 Biofuel, Ag Groups Ask Court To Review EPA's Recent RFS Rule

1-10-2016 Trump Accuses Cruz of Flip-Flopping on Ethanol

1-06-2016 Ethanol Industry Reacts to API Criticism of RFS

1-05-2016 ARF Releases Candidate Report Card on RFS Support



12-30-2015 Iowa Ethanol Group Rolls Out The Un-Welcome Mat For Ted Cruz

12-29-2015 Iowa Sets Ethanol Production Record at 4 Billion Gallons in 2015

12-28-2015 Study Shows Consumers, Fuel Retailers More Positive on Ethanol

12-23-2015 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Announces Expansion Plans

12-21-2015 RFA Analysis Shows Uptick in Number of Automakers Who Have Approved E15 for Use in New Vehicles

12-21-2015 Ethanol Will Factor in Big for Both Parties in Iowa

12-21-2015 Reboot Global Debate On Biofuels

12-17-2015 Cruz out of Sync On Ethanol With Likely Republican Caucus-Goers In Iowa Poll

12-16-2015 Port of Seattle Partners with Alaska Airlines and Boeing on Plan to Supply Sustainable Aviation Biofuel at Sea-Tac Airport

12-16-2015 RFA: Tax Incentives will Encourage Growth and Innovation in Nation’s Biofuels Industry

12-14-2015 NREL's 2014 Data Book Features Ethanol Statistics

12-8-2105 RFS Supporters Ramp Up Cruz Criticism

12-8-2015 RFA to EPA: New Gasoline Volatility Regulations Needed

12-7-2015 Keeping America fueled by South Dakota

12-7-2015 How Will RFS Decision Affect the Biofuel Industry?

12-6-2015 Report: Biofuels Contribution to GHG Emissions Offsets Significant

12-4-2015 Global Biofuels and Biotech Industries Unite in Call for Stronger Biofuels Policies to Help in Fight Against Climate Change

12-3-2015 Work to Keep Renewable Fuels Standards High

12-2-2015 Construction Begins on Renewable Chemical Facility in Little Falls

12-2-2015 COP 21 Important Opportunity for World Leaders to Support Biofuels

12-1-2015 Misleading About Ethanol


11-30-2015 EPA Sets 2016 Blending Targets for Ethanol and Other Biofuels

11-30-2015 Renewable Fuel Associations Express Mixed Reactions To Final Rule

11-30-2015 A Big Week Ahead for RFS and Biofuels

11-24-2015 RFS is Crucial to National Security

11-23-2015 Ethanol Backers Enlist ‘Bachelor’ Star to Push Fuels Mandate

11-22-2015 How We Can Free America From the Foreign Oil Cartel

11-20-2015 Analysis : RFS2 Implementation Has Reduced GHG Emissions By 354 Million Metric Tons

11-19-2015 RFA and Growth Meet with OMB and Urge Administration to Uphold the RFS

11-17-2015 What Facts are Really Facts?

11-17-2015 Ethanol Industry Making Profits Despite Lower Price Of Fuel

11-12-2015 Fuels America Launches TV Campaign To Counter Anti-RFS Letter

11-11-2015 NFU Highlights RFS Success

11-10-2015 Don't Weaken The RFS

11-09-2015 Ethanol Reduces Emissions : Clean Fuels Development Coalition

11-06-2015 Oil Lobby Had Hand in House Lawmakers’ Anti-Ethanol Note to EPA

11-05-2015 Poll : Rural Americans Support Candidates Who Support The RFS

11-03-2015 Black Caucus Members Back RFS In Letter To EPA

11-02-2015 Presidential Candidate, Former Senator Visits Quad County

11-02-2015 How Gas-Guzzling Americans Are Aiding The Call For More Biofuels

11-02-2015 White House Begins Final Review Of Ethanol Rule


10-30-2015 Ethanol Industry Disputes API’s Ethanol Claims

10-30-2015 DuPont Celebrates the Opening of the World’s Largest Cellulosic Ethanol Plant

10-28-2015 EPA Biofuels Rule Could Hurt Economy

10-27-2015 New Enzyme Boosts Profits, Cuts Chemical Use at Ethanol Plants

10-26-2015 Common Ground: SD Farm Groups Differ on Policy, but Support Ethanol

10-26-2015 High School Students Visit Al-Corn Ethanol Plant

10-25-2015 Colum: To Win Iowa, You Must Support Ethanol, And That's Good

10-23-2015 UT Study Attempts To Smear Biofuels

10-22-2015 AESI Claims False Attacks on RFS

10-21-2015 Peterson Leads Bipartisan Letter in Support of Strong Final RFS Rule

10-21-2015 Poll Shows Strong Support for RFS, Ethanol in Iowa

10-21-2015 Lack of Strong RFS Policy Could Put Michigan Jobs at Risk

10-20-2015 Slice Through The Political Chatter This Election Season

10-19-2015 Counter-Offensive to Defend RFS Continues

10-16-2015 DuPont Employees Write Letter to Tommey, Defend RFS

10-16-2015 RFA Says EPA Probe Will Prove RFS is Getting Results

10-16-2015 Industry Slams Report That Calls For RFS Reform

10-14-2015 Ethanol Group's Goal: Elect a Pro-RFS President

10-10-2015 Ex-Sen. Talent Revs Up Fight Over Whether Ethanol Must Be Added To Fuel

10-08-2015 NFU, NCGA : RFS Uncertainty Drives Down US Farm Income

10-07-2015 IEA Releases Mid-Term Forecast for Biofuels, Renewable Energy

10-06-2015 Enogen Corn From Sygenta Expands To 16 Ethanol Plants, Reaches 1-Billion Gallon Production Capacity

10-02-2015 Senators Push White House on Ethanol Mandate

10-01-2015 Amendment To Eliminate Corn-Ethanol Blending Defeated


09-26-2015 E85 Makes Original RFS Target Feasible

09-22-2015 Senate Democrats Introduce Comprehensive National Energy Bill

09-22-2015 New Enzyme for Ethanol Producers Reduces Use of Chemicals and Saves Costs

09-17-2015 Advanced Biofuel Industry: RFS Proposal is Damaging Industry

09-16-2015 Time To Cap Fossil Fuel Pollution

09-16-2015 More Ethanol Choices on the Way for Minnesota Region

09-15-2015 RFS: Doing What Congress Intended

09-14-2015 Algenol to Distribute Ethanol Commercially

09-13-2015 Growing Minnoco Gas Station Brand is Fueled by Independent Operators

09-11-2015 UN Data Shows That Ethanol Is Not Causing Food Price Rises

09-04-2015 Bobby Likis Car Clinic : Ethanol Update

09-01-2015 Ethanol Supporters Respond to Spate of Misinformation


08-30-2015 'American Ethanol' Is Shootout Top Gun With 208 MPH Run

08-29-2015 Denco II Received DEED Grant

08-28-2015 Lauren Fix Takes Ethanol Opposition To New Level Of Stupidity

08-26-2015 USGC Reports Progress In Ethanol Export Promotion

08-24-2015 Ending Years Of Litigation, Gevo And Butamax To Work On Creating Markets For New Biofuel

08-21-2015 Minnesota Poised to Play a Role in Next-Generation Heating Oil

08-21-2015 E15, E85 At Retail Gas Stations Highlighted At ACE Conference

08-20-2015 EPA More Enemy Than Ally

08-18-2015 RFA Applauds Fiat Chrysler Approval Of E15

08-17-2015 ICM Successfully Completes Two 1,000-Hour Generation 2.0 Cellulose To Ethanol Performance Runs

08-13-2015 Poet Releases First-Ever Economic Impact Study

08-13-2015 EPA's 'MOVES' Could Cripple Higher Ethanol Blends

08-11-2015 EIA Predicts Ethanol Production Will Hold Steady Through 2016

08-11-2015 Retailers To Highlight E15 Interest & Experiences During ACE Conference

08-05-2015 Why The EPA Must Move Forward With Biofuels

08-03-2015 RFA Applauds EPA For Recalculating 2014 Ethanol Export Estimates


07-29-2015 UAI: Removing ethanol from gasoline increases toxic emissions

07-27-2015 Ethanol to Help Fuel 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

07-27-2015 EPA Administrator to corn farmers: [Our RFS] delay…was disruptive to say the least. I apologize for that.”

07-24-2015 Minnesota Electric Co-Op Opens Ethanol Plant In North Dakota

07-24-2015 Comment Deadline For RFS Proposal Is Monday

07-22-2015 Retired U.S. Generals : Protect Renewable Fuel Standard

07-21-2015 EPA Must Listen To The People On RFS

07-17-2015 Walz Touts Economic, Environmental Benefits At Of Ethanol At Janesville Plant

07-17-2015 Walz Visits Guardian Energy in Janesville, Highlights All-American Energy as Middle Class Economic Engine

07-15-2015 Corn Growers to Rally for Ethanol on Capital Hill

07-13-2015 Ethanol Chronicles Launches Blog to Answer Fuel Critics

07-07-2015 The Voice of the People

07-07-2015 Scientists Study Ways to Integrate Biofuels and Food Crops on Farms

07-06-2015 Renewable Fuel Policy Lagging

07-06-2015 Don't Mess With RFS

07-01-2015 22 States Broke Through The "E10 Blend Wall" ... Two Years Ago


06-29-2015 Bustos Says Fight Over RFS Levels Not Over

06-29-2015 Urban Air Initiative: Ethanol Reduces Engine Wear

06-25-2015 Testimony by Randy Doyal to the EPA

06-27-2015 Biofuels are Better for Environment, Rural Economy

06-24-2015 UAI: New Data Shows Ethanol-Free Fuel Blends Increase Engine Wear

06-24-2015 Ethanol A Scapegoat For What's Really Wrong

06-17-2015 Ignorance or Ignoring Is Bliss

06-12-2015 USDA Begins Accepting Applications From States For $100 Million Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership

06-11-2015 Proposed RVO Raises Multiple Questions For Illinois Economists

06-10-2015 EPA Opens Public Comment Period On RFS Rulemaking

06-06-2015 Ag Secretary Vilsack Pushes For High Blends Of Ethanol

06-01-2015 Biofuels Under Attack : Same Old Story

06-01-2015 CHS Acquires Patriot Renewable Fuels Ethanol Plant 


05-30-2015 Farmer-Owners Of Corn Plus Ethanol Plant Double Down On Their Investment

05-28-2015 USDA Plans To Inject $100 Million On Ethanol Infrastructure : Sources

05-28-2015 Clinton : Invest In Rural Energy

05-27-2015 New NREL Report : Most Retail Fueling Equipment Is Already E15 Compatible

05-26-2015 EPA Grapples With Competing Rationales For Setting Renewable Fuel Requirements

05-22-2015 Ethanol Industry Weighs In On API E0 Claims

05-18-2015 Waves Of Ethanol Misinformation

05-12-2015 Biofuel Trade Groups Discuss RFS Rulemaking, Announce Ad Campaign

05-12-2015 At The Gas Pump, US Biofuel Lobby Scores A Point Against Big Oil

05-11-2015 Ethanol Industry Looks To Drivers And Exports For Path Out Of A Slump

05-06-2015 EPA Sends Ethanol Proposals For Final Review

05-04-2015 EPA Delays Prompt $13.7 Billion Shortfall In Biofuels Investment : Report


04-27-2015 New Poll : 62% of Americans Support The Renewable Fuel Standard

04-27-2015 American Ethanol Finishes 5 Years With NASCAR

04-23-2015 Grassley, Bipartisan Group Of Senators Call For Renewable Fuel Standard

04-20-2015 Progressive Group Pushes Ethanol On Gulf Oil Spill On Anniversary

04-15-2015 Clinton Meets With Ethanol Representatives

04-13-2015 Motor Club's Blog Post : E15 Is Safe

04-10-2015 EPA To Finalize 2014, 2015 and 2016 RFS Rules By November

04-10-2015 Setting The Table For The Big Score

04-09-2015 Quad County Corn Processors Hits Million-Gallon Cellulosic Milestone

04-07-2015 FAO's Latest Food Price Report Good News For Ethanol

04-05-2015 Study Shows : Big Oil Is Chicken Little Over Ethanol

04-03-2015 Local Business Leaders Share Story Of Ethanol With Legislators


03-27-2015 Economics Models Are One Thing - Reality Is Another

03-25-2015 EPA Request For Biofuel Data Signals Renewable Fuel Delays

03-23- 2015 Should Premium Fuel Still Warrant A Tank?

03-17-2015 Minnesota Bill Aims To Create Cellulosic Biomass Incentives

03-16-2015 NASCAR Tops 7 Million Miles Of Racing On American Ethanol Blend

03-11-2015 Fuels America Responds To Anti-RFS Claims From API, Others

03-11-2015 Biofuels Leaders Defend RFS

03-10-2015 EIA Increases 2015, 2016 Ethanol Production Forecasts

03-07-2015 Jeb Bush Remarks On Ethanol Have Iowans Reading Tea Leaves

03-06-2015 Can We Just Get Rid Of Ethanol Ignorance?

03-06-2015 Fuels America Launches The "Clean, Secure, American Energy" Campaign

03-03-2015 Renewable Fuels Critical to Energy Security

03-03-2015 Ethanol industry and farmers should work together, Poet exec says


02-27-2015 Vilsack calls for ethanol industry support of trade negotiations

02-26-2015 Ethanol plants, growers partner with Syngenta

02-26-2015 #NEC15 Travels Road Ahead for Higher Blends

02-25-2014 RFA Acquires

02-24-2015 E15 is new to most fuel stations, but not to NASCAR

02-23-2015 NREL: Biodiesel Leads Biofuels Growth in US

02-20-2015 UAI, EFC urge recognition of ethanol as a way to reduce carbon

02-19-2015 New Study Reveals Wide-Ranging Economic Impact of Ethanol Production

02-18-2015 Short-Term Pain Long-Term Gain

02-17-2015 E15's Big Dance

02-13-2015 Come March With ACE

02-11-2015 EIA Increases 2015 Ethanol Production Forecast

02-10-2015 EPA Names 10 More Efficient Corn Ethanol Producers

02-09-2015 Kansas Ethanol To Use ICM's Fiber Separation Technology

02-05-2015 Ethanol Expands Global Reach, RFA Releases New 2014 Export / Import Publication

02-04-2015 Ethanol Demand Remains "Robust," Margins "Volatile - Green Plains

02-02-2015 Windy City Weighs Ethanol Ordinance

02-02-2015 Ethanol Industry Gets Its Own Biotech Corn


01-29-2015 A Cursory Update Of A Failed Theory

01-27-2015 Protec Fuel : 2 Stations Now Offering E15 In Georgia

01-27-2015 Ethanol Will Face RFS Threat

01-26-2015 U Of M Researchers Find Materials To Improve Ethanol Production

01-22-2015 Iowa Wants Ethanol Front And Center In 2016 Race

01-22-2015 The Ongoing Attack On Ethanol

01-20-2015 Biofuels Should Be Part Of The Mix : FAO Director-General

01-20-2015 Novozymes Chief Says 2G Ethanol Market Can Endure Oil Price Drop

01-16-2015 RFS Amendment Would Set U.S. Energy Agenda Back Decades

01-13-2015 EIA Predicts Increased Ethanol Production In 2015 and 2016

01-12-2015 Ethanol Plant Brings 85 cent E85 To Minnesota

01-08-2015 Gevo Provides Latest Update On Luverne Plant

01-06-2015 Read The Label!



12-29-2014 US Ethanol Production Runs Full Bore, Sets Record As 2014 Ends

12-23-2014 Minn. Ethanol Plant Sold ; New Use Planned

12-19-2014 Industry Debunks Minn. Report Shedding Bad Light On Corn Ethanol

12-18-2014 Urban Air Initiative Calls University Of Minnesota Study On Ethanol Seriously Flawed

12-17-2014 The RFS Celebrates Seven Years Of Success

12-14-2014 The Evolution Of Minnesota's Ethanol Industry - Part 2

12-13-2014 Biofuel Innovators Look For A Breakout

12-12-2014 The Evolution Of Minnesota's Ethanol Industry

12-10-2014 GRFA : Increased Biofuel Usage Critical To Reducing Global GHG Emissions

12-08-2014 Chicago Finance Committee Passes E15 Ordinance

12-03-2014 Novozymes Launches Enzyme For Biodiesel From Corn, Waste Oils

12-02-2014 Trestle Energy Gets Low Carbon Intensity Rating For Ethanol In BC


11-25-2014 RFA : Feed Food Fairness Campaign Not Big On Transparency

11-24-2014 Ethanol Proponents Anticipating A Fight

11-21-2014 EPA Delays Decision On Biofuel Blending Mandates

11-21-2014 EPA Punts Renewable Fuel Mandate Decision

11-18-2014 Advocates : Minnesota Needs More Alternative Fuel

11-17-2014 Fuel Standard Good For US Economy

11-13-2014 E85 Sales Have Room For Growth

11-12-2014 Ag Groups Advocate For The RFS In Letter To Obama

11-10-2014 Innovation, Improvement In The Corn-Ethanol Industry

11-5-2014 Will Ethanol Ride The GOP Wave?

11-4-2014 Ethanol Coalition : Auto Engineers Expose EPA's Oil Bias

11-4-2014 Archer Daniels Sees Corn-Based Ethanol Business Staying Strong

11-3-2014 Corn Oil Extraction Aid Inventor Gets A 'Pat - (Ent)' On The Back

11-1-2014 Ethanol Advocate Wants To Keep His Issue On The Front Burner


10-30-2014 Ethanol Maker Green Plains Says Rail Transport Not Keeping Up As More Embrace E15

10-27-2014 ICM Announces Agreement With Patriot Renewable Fuels

10-27-2014 Fuels America Debuts Campaign For RFS Supporters Facing Reelection

10-24-2014 EPA : Cellulosic Fuel Production Continues In September

10-22-2014 Dinneen : 'Elections Matter'

10-20-2014 Cellulosic Ethanol Produced With Cellerate Process Technology Receives EPA Certification For Cellulosic Biofuels RINs

10-15-2014 Tips For Biofuel Investment In Turbulent Times

10-13-2014 Biofuel Leaders Says EPA Has Treated Industry Unfairly

10-13-2014 Report Shows Ethanol's Connection To High Food Prices Is A Lie

10-9-2014 Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association Working For You

10-9-2014 U.S. Biofuel Mandate Cuts Would Raise Carbon Pollution : Lawmakers

10-9-2014 Get To Know The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

10-8-2014 New RFA Case Study : Evidence of E85 Price Gouging?

10-6-2014 Big Year For Ethanol

10-6-2014 Biofuels RFS Jumps Up As A Hot Topic Again

10-1-2014 Minnesota Ethanol Producer Named Chairman Of The Renewable Fuels Association


09-30-2014 Fuel Standard Good For US's Economic Engine

09-25-2014 BIO: EPA Inaction On RFS Proposal Has Increased GHG Emissions

09-23-2014 Impact of Ethanol Mandates On Fuel Prices Nil

09-20-2014 Ethanol Industry Having A Solid Year

09-19-2014 Gevo Provides Update On Luverne, Minnesota, Plant

09-18-2014 Minnoco Expanding To Offer Lower Cost, Better Performing Biofuels Like E15, E30 And E85

09-17-2014 Vilsack Sees Some Proposed Ethanol Cuts Being Restored

09-15-2014 Renewable Fuels Standard Spurred Ethanol Breaththroughs

09-10-2014 Legacy 18 MMgy Minnesota Plant Restarts Ethanol Production

09-09-2014 U.S. Cellulosic Fuel Makers Press Obama To Alter Biofuel Plan

09-09-2014 Second Iowa Plant Adds New Ethanol Technology

09-08-2014 Food Vs Fuel Debunked (Again) -Corn Prices Fall, Retail Food Prices Remain Steady

09-03-2014 POET-DSM's Project Liberty Goes From Fantasy To Liberty


08-27-2014 Iowa Governor Blasts EPA On Ethanol Mandate

08-26-2014 Cenex Tank Program Assists Retailers Offering E15

08-22-2014 EPA's Final 2014 RVO Delivered To The OMB; Industry Reacts

08-22-2014 Ethanol Mandate Goes To White House For Review

08-22-2014 Everything About Ethanol Is Good-Good-Good

08-20-2014 Highwater Ethanol Moving On To Next Phase

08-15-2014 USDA : New Switchgrass Variety Promises More Biofuel At Lower Cost

08-14-2014 What Can You Get For $3.60?

08-14-2014 Study Shows Ethanol Impact On Retail Ag Service Sales

08-12-2014 RFS Announcement May Not Come Until After November Elections

08-12-2014 RFA Making Inroads In Motorcycle Education

08-11-2014 Corn Use For Ethanol Likely To Top 5 Billion Bushels This Year

08-07-2014 US H1 2014 Ethanol Exports Soar 56% : Census Bureau

08-05-2014 ACE Conference Kicks Off With Welcome From Gov. Dayton

08-04-2014 EPA Releases RIN Data


07-31-2014 Biofuel Groups Press White House On More Than Just 2014 Targets

07-28-2014 Side-By-Side Operation Of Luverne Plant On Track

07-28-2014 Senators Push To Maintain RFS

07-25-2014 NASCAR Reaches 6 Million Miles On Sunoco Green E15

07-24-2014 Ethanol Needs Separate Treatment In U.S. Rail Rules - Biofuel Groups

07-22-2014 Klobuchar, Grassley Want Probe Of Ethanol Sales Restrictions

07-22-2014 New Analysis : Ethanol Is Lowest Cost Motor Fuel, Octane Source On The Planet

07-21-2014 Leading The Way In Motorcycle Education

07-17-2014 Higher Blends Best For America's Energy Future

07-16-2014 Big Oil Robs Consumers Of Choice

07-16-2014 E15 Retailers Get Creative

07-15-2014 Cummins : E85-fueled Engine Cuts Medium-Duty CO2 Emissions by 50% to 80%

07-15-2014 What's 1.67 trillion Divided By 53?

07-09-2014 U.S. Senators Press For Probe Of Report That Oil Companies Blocked Ethanol

07-08-2014 RFA Scores Retailers For E85, E15 Offerings ; Big Oil Gets An 'F'

07-08-2014 Ethanol Industry Asks For Relief From Rail Delays


06-27-2014 EPA's Ethanol Mandate For 2014 Behind Schedule

06-27-2014 Response To CBO Study - Renewable Fuel Standard : 2014 And Beyond

06-23-2014 May RIN Data Shows Increased Biofuel Production

06-18-2014 U.S. Ethanol Output Surges To Record As Gasoline Costs Rise

06-12-2014 Government and University Experts Blast EWG Report

06-02-2014 Ag Census Data Shows EWG Is Full Of Hot Air


05-23-2014 Defending Corn Ethanol Around A Picnic Table

05-23-2014 Minn. Funds 5 Biofuel And Bioenergy Projects, Thermal RFP Soon

05-23-2014 U.S. May Adjust 2014 Corn Ethanol Target After Outcry : Sources

05-21-2014 Global Ethanol Consumption To Reduce GHGs By Over 106 Million Tonnes In 2014

05-19-2014 EPA May Revise RFS Proposal Following Feedback From Biofuel And Ag Groups

05-16-2014 IRENA : Renewables Employ 6.5 Million Globally

05-13-2014 Pipeline Will Increase CO2; Ethanol Is A Cleaner Option

05-05-2014 Ten New E15 Stations In Wisconsin

05-01-2014 Minnesota Ag Co-op CHS Agrees To Buy Ethanol Plant In Illinois


04-30-2014 House Democrats Meet With White House On RFS Targets

04-24-2014 Renewable Fuels Contributes $11.7 Billion To Minnesota's Economy

04-24-2014 DENCO II's E85 Campaign Expands (Updated)

04-21-2014 Experts Say Ethanol Study Used Bad Model

04-21-2014 RFA: New Stover Study Is Deeply Flawed

04-16-2014 Ethanol Drops As Production Climbs To Highest Since December

04-15-2014 Iowa Economists : 2014 Ethanol Prices Drop To 58% Of Retail Gas

04-09-2014 New Poll: For 3rd Year In A Row, Americans Overwhelmingly Support The RFS

04-08-2014 Ethanol Proposal Has Stopped Investments in Advanced Biofuels, Industry Tells Senators

04-05-2014 A Brief Lesson On Ethanol And Food Prices

04-03-2014 Oil-Induced Rail Chaos Driving Up Consumer Costs For Gasoline And Other Goods

04-02-2014 Open Letter From RFA And Growth Energy Take On API


03-31-2014 American Ethanol On The NASCAR Green Team

03-27-2014 Ethanol Producer : Outlook Good Despite Challenges

03-19-2014 Congressman Hopeful EPA Will Not Cut RFS By 10 Percent

03-19-2014 RFS Is Single Most Effective Policy On Greenhouse Gas Reductions

03-18-2014 Committee Rejects Biodiesel Mandate Delay

03-18-2014 With New Discharge System, Bushmills Ethanol Expects To Shrink Its Water Usage

03-17-2014 More Responses To Misleading Commentary On Ethanol

03-07-2014 E15 For South Dakota Vehicles

03-07-2014 Minnesota Leads In E85 Stations

03-04-2014 AEC: President's Budget Charts Right Path On Fuels

03-04-2014 EPA Sets E10 As New Test Fuel


02-24-2014 Driving Through The Blend Wall

02-21-2014 Convention Speakers Urge Ethanol Support

02-20-2014 American Ethanol Enhances Partnership With Richard Childress Racing

02-18-2014 New Study Shows Powerful Impact Of Ethanol Industry On Jobs & Energy Independence

02-12-2014 Ethanol's High Octane and Clean Characteristics Key To Future

02-08-2014 Why Are We Producing Biofuels?

02-07-2014 Green Plains CEO : E15 Availability To Grow

02-03-2014 The Truth Behind E15 And Vehicle Warranties


01-24-2014 RFS Kept Gas Prices Down

01-22-2014 Shift In Ethanol Blend Mandate Fuels Fears

01-21-2014 Klobuchar Opposes Move To Reduce Ethanol Targets

01-19-2014 Franken Urges More Letter To EPA, White House

01-19-2014 America Ought To Move Forward On Biofuels

01-14-2014 Ag Tour Designed To Drum Up Support For Fight Of Planned RFS Reductions

01-14-2014 Ethanol Producers Campaign Against Proposed Cut to RFS

01-13-2014 Biofuel Standards Help Small-Town Minn.

01-10-2014 Corn Growers Urge EPA Comments To Keep Ethanol Quotas