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Looking for the latest biofuel-related news? Then look no further. Our team constantly compiles the most relevant news stories on the issues and developments of the day. 



09-27-2023 FAA Offers $245 Million in SAF Infrastructure Funding

09-25-2023 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol Production Up in July

09-15-2023 NCGA To EPA: Science Shows That Ethanol Is Important to Lowering Emissions 

09-18-2023 Workshops Held to Boost Ethanol Consumption in Asia

09-13-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Down 2%

09-12-2023 USDA to Adjust GHG Model to Help Ethanol Get Aviation Fuel Subsidy

09-12-2023 Survey: Voters Want Congressional Action Supporting Low-Carbon Ethanol

09-07-2023 EIA: US Ethanol Capacity Up In 2023

09-06-2023 US Exports of Ethanol and DDGS Gain Momentum in July

09-01-2023 Corn for Ethanol Use, Soybean Crush Up in July


08-23-2023 Fluid Quip Technologies' DCO Technology Achieving Record Distillers Corn Oil Yields at Ace Ethanol

08-22-2023 Grants Available to Boost Biofuels at Minnesota Service Stations

08-10-2023 EIA Maintains 2023, 2024 Ethanol Production Forecasts

08-09-2023 Glacial Lakes Drives To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint With Whitefox At Its Mina, SD Plant

08-09-2023 Novozymes Reports 26% Increase in Bioenergy Sales for Q2

08-08-2023 USDA: US Exports Nearly 112 Million Gallons of Ethanol in June


07-31-2023 Klobuchar, Ricketts Introduce Flex Fuel Fairness Act

07-26-2023 IEA Meeting Highlights Priority Areas for Biofuel Development

07-26-2023 EIA: Fuel Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up Slightly

07-25-2023 ADM Reports Strong Q2 for Biofuels

07-20-2023 Carbon Reduction Front and Center at Biofuels Summit in Korea

07-18-2023 CoBank: Ethanol Industry Delivers Strong Q2 Results

07-17-2023 Report: Vietnam Lowers Tariff Rate on Ethanol to 10%

07-06-2023 U.S. Exports of Ethanol Ebbed While DDGS Rallied in May


06-29-2023 NCGA to Congress: Support Access to Affordable Vehicles, Fuels

06-23-2023 The Growing Importance of U.S. Ethanol Exports for Industrial Uses

06-22-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Up 3%

06-19-2023 Senators to Treasury: Adopt GREET to SAF Tax Credit

06-12-2023 Redfield Energy, On a Journey Towards Net Zero with Whitefox ICE® Plus Membrane Solution

06-12-2023 RFA: Ethanol Industry Advances Toward Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

06-07-2023 RFA UC Riverside Research Shows Emissions Benefits of E15

06-06-2023 USDA Maintains Forecast for FY 2023 Ethanol Exports

06-01-2023 Council Participation in EU Activities Boosts Interest in Bioethanol

06-01-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%


05-31-2023 The Andersons Inc Successfully Installs the Whitefox ICE® System at its Denison Ethanol Plant

05-30-2023 Corn Use in Fuel Ethanol at 438 Million Gallons in March

05-24-2023 UNL88 Can Help Drivers Reduce Costs, Emissions This Summer

05-17-2023 US Grains Council's Feeding Trials in Southeast Mexico Expand US DDGS

05-10-2023 EIA Increases 2024 Ethanol Blending Forecast

05-08-2023 The Importance of the Next Generation Fuels Act

05-04-2023 US Exports of Ethanol and DDGS Spring Higher in March

05-03-2023 Regan Comments on E15, CCS Permitting During Senate Hearing

05-02-2023 EIA: US Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Consumption Up in February


04-27-2023 Novozymes: Q1 Bioenergy Sales Up 28%

04-14-2023 Klobuchar, Grassley, Bipartisan Group of Colleagues in Letter Urging Biden Administration to Strengthen Renewable Fuel Standard

04-17-2023 CoBank Reports Strong Q1 Finish for US Ethanol Industry

04-06-2023 OPEC+ Production Cut Expected to Drive Up Gasoline Prices, But Higher Ethanol Blends Can Help

04-05-2023 Biofuel and Farm Leaders Press White House for Immediate Action on E15


03-29-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Down 3%

03-28-2023 New Nationwide Poll: Voters Want E15 Available Year-Round

03-21-2023 RFA Applauds Governor's Action in Support of Year-Round E15

03-14-2023 Klobuchar, Fischer Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Make E15 Available Year-round

03-10-2023 It's a Fact: Consumers Support Ethanol

03-08-2023 US Ethanol Export Sales Kick Off 2023 with Large Gains while US DDGS Exports Scale Back

03-02-2023 Klobuchar Statement on EPA E15 Proposal

03-02-2023 Study: RFS Slashed GHG Emissions By 1.2 Billion Metric Tons Since 2008


02-28-2023 New Study: Ethanol Industry's Impact On US Economy Strengthened In 2022

02-27-2023 New University Study: Ethanol Cuts Gas Prices by 77 Cents Per Gallon

02-23-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%

02-21-2023 USDA Report Predicts Increased Ethanol Demand Through 2030

02-20-2023 GAO: EPA's June 2022 Denial of SREs Not Subject to CR

02-07-2023 Pace of US Ethanol Sales Slow at Year End While DDGS Exports Rally

02-01-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 3%

02-01-2023 Greenfield Global Leverages Ag Clean Technology Program Funding

02-01-2023 Midwest Attorneys General Urge EPA to Respond to E15 Petition


01-26-2023 Novozymes: Bioenergy Sales Up 25% in 2022

01-23-2023 CoBank Reports Solid Q4 Performance for US Ethanol Industry

01-18-2023 Top Ethanol Markets Remain Dependable

01-17-2023 Ready. Set. Go!

01-12-2023 USDA Maintains Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol Production

01-11-2023 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 12%, Stocks Down 3%

01-09-2023 Japan Proposes New Biofuel Standards, Update of Ethanol CI Scores

01-09-2023 New Poll: Voters Support Ethanol and RFS, Oppose EV Mandates

01-05-2023 IEA Report Assists Countries In Accelerating Transition to Net Zero

01-04-2023 OMB Agenda Confirms Timelines for RFS, E15, Biopreferred Rules

01-03-2023 Brazil Extends Import Tariff Suspension for Ethanol



12-22-2022 Annual RFA Survey: Virtually All Automakers Endorse E15

12-21-2022 USGC: Staff Joins Energy Week Panel, Highlights Ethanol Benefits

12-20-2022 EPA Responds to GAO Report on RIN Prices, Small Refineries

12-15-2022 CoBank Says 2023 Outlook for Biofuels is 'Very Strong'

12-08-2022 OMB Reviews E15 Petition Filed by Midwest Governors

12-08-2022 US Representative Angie Craig Introduces Bipartisan Year-Round E15 Legislation with Unprecedented Industry and Family Farmer Support

12-07-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 6%, Stocks Up 1%

12-07-2022 Over 250 Organizations, Companies Call for Quick Senate Passage of Year-Round E15 Bill

12-06-2022 EIA: Biofuel Capacity Up in September, Feedstock Consumption Down

12-05-2022 USGC: Egyptian Poultry Sector Holds Potential for US DDGS Exports


11-30-2022 U.S. Senators Introduce Bill To Expand E15 Gasoline Sales, With Support From Oil Group

11-23-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Up 7%

11-22-2022 Ethanol, Petroleum and Ag Groups Express Support for Year-Round E15 Legislation

11-16-2022 EIA Report Spotlights Increased Ethanol Blend Rate, Lower Cost to Drivers

11-08-2022 Western Plains Pioneering Carbon Neutral Ethanol Production by Installing Whitefox ICE-XL for Ground-breaking Energy Savings

11-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Up in September

11-03-2022 Novozymes Reports 32% Increase in Bioenergy Sales in Q3

11-03-2022 U.S. EPA Considering Expanding Midwest E15 Gasoline Sales - Sources


10-26-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 2%

10-19-2022 Thune, Durbin Lead Bipartisan Request for Historic RFS "Set" Rulemaking   

10-13-2022 Ag Co-operators Conference Brings in Nearly $700 Million in Sales

10-10-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports at 77 Million Gallons in August

10-04-2022 Greenfield Global: WFI Helps Meet Demand from Biopharma Customers


09-29-2022 High-Level Ecuadorian Ethanol Delegation Visits US, Talks Strengthening Partnership

09-29-2022 May E15 Sales A Record in Minnesota

09-28-2022 RFA Elects New Board Leadership at Annual Meeting

09-26-2022 Reuters Retracts Inaccurate Article on Ethanol GHG Emissions

09-22-2022 Thompson: Farmers Can Help Solve Nation's Fuel Crisis

09-19-2022 DriveClean Initiative Launches, Advocates for National CFS

09-16-2022 US Ethanol Exports on Track for One of the Best Years on Record

09-14-2022 EPA Looks to Allow Year-Round Sale of E15

09-08-2022 USGC Looks to Expand DDGS Opportunity Through Aquaculture Engagement in Morocco

09-08-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 2%

09-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Top 107 Million Gallons in July


08-31-2022 EIA: US Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Up in June

08-29-2022 Canada to Import a Record Volume of US Ethanol in 2022

08-26-2022 USGC Boosts Ethanol During Trade Mission to Southeast Asia

08-24-2022 EIA: Ethanol Productions Up Slightly, Stocks Up 2%

08-23-2022 EIA: Total US Biofuel Capacity at 21 Billion Gallons Per Year

08-22-2022 USDA Opens New Application Window for HBIIP

08-16-2022 Biden Signs New SAF, Hydrogen, Clean Fuel Tax Credits Into Law

08-09-2022 EIA Maintains 2022, 2023 Ethanol Production Forecast

08-04-2022 USDA: Distillers Grains Exports Top 1 Million Metric Tons In June

08-02-2022 CARB Acceptance of RFA, Growth Energy Report Moves California One Step Closer to E15


07-27-2022 New Yeast Innovations Deliver Unparalleled Performances for Bioenergy Industry

07-27-2022 Grassley Introduces Next Generation Fuels Act

07-26-2022 Navigator CO2 Launches New Headquarters and Announces Expansion of Executive Team

07-20-2022 EIA: US Fuel Ethanol Up 3%, Stocks Down Slightly

07-19-2022 The Cure for High Prices

07-14-2022 CoBank HIghlights Ethanol Industry's Strong Q2

07-13-2022 EIA Increases 2022, 2023 Fuel Ethanol Production Forecasts

07-12-2022 USDA Maintains 2020 '23 Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

07-11-2022 Ethanol Industry Hopeful for E15 Win

07-07-2022 USDA: US Ethanol Exports Top 147 Million Gallons in May

07-06-2022 EIA: US Ethanol, Renewable Diesel Capacity Expands in April


06-30-2022 Canadian Clean Fuel Regulations Are A Victory For Canadian Consumers, Low-Carbon Biofuels

06-28-2022 DOE Report: Ethanol Industry Leads Energy Sector in Employing Veterans

06-27-2022 Turkish Buyers Conclude Corn Co-Products Purchases During U.S. Tour

06-17-2022 E.U. Ethanol Sets New Record for GHG Reduction

06-13-2022 Council's Outreach Efforts Contribute to Removal of Barriers to U.S. Ethanol Imports to Brazil

06-16-2022 Representative Angie Craig Leads Successful House Effort to Pass Legislation to Lower Cost of Food and Fuel

06-15-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 2%

06-07-2022 Navigator CO2, POET Sign Letter of Intent to Capture, Transport and Store Five Million Tons of CO2 Annually

06-07-2022 U.S. Exports of Ethanol Balloon in April, While Shipments of DDGs Scale Back

06-03-2022 USDA Has Provided $700 Million to Restore Sustainable Fuel Markets HIt by Pandemic

06-02-2022 IFF Announces Collaboration for Enhanced Training with PROtect® LLC

06-01-2022 Southwest Airlines Invests in Sustainable Aviation Pilot Project Supported by the Department of Energy

06-01-2022 The Andersons, Inc. Addressing Strategic Priorities with Energy Efficient Membrane Installation at Denison Plant


05-26-2022 White House Announces Japan Commits to Double Ethanol Demand

05-25-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down Slightly

05-23-2022 3 Ways Ethanol Brings Down Gas Prices

05-23-2022 Council Participates in Policy Discussions Creating Export Demand for U.S. Ethanol

05-18-2022 Keynote Speakers Announced for 2022 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

05-12-2022 MoistTech Aims to Highlight Efficiency & Production Through Data Collection

05-11-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up 1%

05-05-2022 EIA: U.S. Biofuels Capacity at 21.123 Billion Gallons in February

05-04-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Down Slightly


04-29-2022 Independent Study Confirms Cost Savings & Emissions Advantages for Heavy-Duty Trucks Running ClearFlame's Engine Modification Technology

04-29-2022 Fluid Quip Technologies Announces DCO+™, New Corn Oil Separation Technology

04-28-2022 U.S. Governors Seek to Expand Sales of Higher Ethanol Gasoline Blend

04-20-2022 Analysis Shows Corn Ethanol's Energy Balance Is Strongly Positive and Continues to Improve

04-18-2022 IEA Predicts Growth in Global Biofuel Supply Through 2026

04-06-2022 USDA: U.S. Exports 143 Million Gallons of Ethanol in February

04-05-2022 Klobuchar, Thune Urge Environmental Protection Agency to Update Modeling for Biofuel Emissions

04-04-2022 Impact of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) on Biofuels Production Shown in Study


03-31-2022 American Voters Support Expanded E15 Use to Address High Pump Prices

03-31-2022 Representative Angie Craig Leads Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Pressuring Biden Administration to Prioritize Homegrown Biofuels as a Replacement for Russian Oil and Gas

03-29-2022 Brown: Year-Round E15 Can Help Combat Domestic Energy Costs

03-28-2022 2021 California E85 Sales Shatter Previous Record; Momentum Continues in 2022

03-23-2022 Biofuel Infrastructure Bill Introduced in Minnesota

03-22-2022 Delta Signs SAF Agreement with Gevo

03-22-2022 Leading Researchers Contradict Hit Piece on Ethanol's Environmental Impacts

03-21-2022 Representatives Craig, Feenstra, Bustos and Hinson Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Increase Biofuels Availability, Replace Russian Oil and Lower Fuel Prices

03-16-2022 Pain at the Pump Requires Blend of Solutions; Including Bio-fuels

03-17-2022 Over 1,000 Farmers and Biofuel Supporters Tell President Biden: Use More Ethanol to Lower Gas Prices!

03-11-2022 NACS Urges EPA to Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

03-09-2022 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 3%, Stocks Up 1%

03-09-2022 Klobuchar, Ernst Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Expanding American Biofuel Availability to Replace Banned Russian Oil

03-08-2022 U.S. Exports of Ethanol and Distillers Grains Kick Off the New Year with Robust Volumes

03-04-2022 Biofuel & Ag Leaders Call on White House to Provide Relief at the Pump Through Higher Blends of Ethanol

03-03-2022 Delegations from Latin America, Mexico Visit U.S., Attend Ethanol Events

03-01-2022 EIA Data Confirm Record Ethanol Blend Rate in 2021


02-24-2022 EIA: U.S. Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Up Slightly

02-23-2022 U.S. Agriculture Secretary Touts Importance of Low-Carbon Biofuels

02-21-2022 New Study: Corn Ethanol Can Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Well Before 2050

02-16-2022 At Hearing, Ernst Sticks Up for Iowa Farmers, Biofuel: "A Strong RFS Supports Rural America"

02-15-2022 Setting the Record Straight on the Environmental Outcomes of the Renewable Fuel Standard

02-08-2022 USDA: Ethanol Exports at 1.24 Billion Gallons in 2021

02-07-2022 Representative Angie Craig, Colleagues, Urge Biden Administration to Prioritize Renewable Fuel Standard for Family Farmers and Rural Communities

02-01-2022 Klobuchar, Grassley Lead Bipartisan Group of Colleagues in Letter Urging Biden Administration to Prioritize Renewable Fuel Standard


01-31-2022 Grant Available for Service Stations to Add Higher Ethanol Blends

01-25-2022 ADM Posts Record Q4 Profit on Rising Biofuel Demand, Projects Strong 2022

01-20-2022 Vilsack Says Future of Biofuels Remains Bright

01-19-2022 Drive Towards "Greenhouse Gas Efficiency Having An Impact"

01-17-2022 CoBank: Ethanol Enters 2022 With 'Considerable Momentum'

01-13-2022 Increased Mobility Improves Ethanol Trade As Policies Drive Long Term Demand

01-12-2022 RFA to House Ag Committee: Ethanol Can Jumpstart Transition to Net-Zero Emissions

01-11-2022 EIA Increases Forecasts for 2022 Ethanol Production, Blending

01-10-2022 Ethanol Production Ends 2021

01-05-2022 Despite Weight of Pandemic, Ethanol Exports Were 5th Highest on Record in 2021

01-04-2022 A Rebuttal to DeCicco: Use Locally Produced Renewable Energy

01-04-2022 MN Bio-Fuels testimony to the EPA on Proposed RVOs for 2020, 2021 & 2022



12-21-2021 Ethanol Makes a Comeback

12-17-2021 UCF Researchers' Ethanol Fuel Cells Offer New Alternative to Power Cars, Technology

12-14-2021 Klobuchar, Grassley Introduced Bipartisan Legislation to Provide Certainty to Biofuel Producers

12-13-2021 OMB Reveals Expected Timeline for Post-2022 RFS Rules, Other Rules

12-09-2021 Council's I Love Bioethanol Booth Promotes U.S. Ethanol Use at Seoul Mobility Show

12-09-2021 Farm, Biofuel Groups Ask EPA To Resolve Summertime E15 Barrier 

12-08-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 5%, Stocks Up 1%

12-07-2021 USDA To Make Up To $800 Million Available To Provide Economic Relief To Biofuel Producers And Restore Renewable Fuel Markets Hit By The Pandemic

12-06-2021 Vilsack Says USDA and White House Close to Deal on Biofuel Aid


11-30-2021 EIA: U.S. Biofuel Capacity Up in September, Feedstock Use Down

11-23-2021 Farm & Biofuel Leaders Welcome Key Provisions of the Build Back Better Act

11-17-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 1%

11-16-2021 RFA to White House: "Double Down" on Ethanol to Cut Prices at the Pump

11-15-2021 IRENA: Global Bioenergy Jobs at 3.52 Million in 2020

11-05-2021 U.S. EPA Rejects One Small Refinery Exemption for 2019 Compliance Year So Far

11-04-2021 RFA Applauds Midwest Governors for Proactively Pursuing Year-Round E15 Fix


10-28-2021 RFA to COP26: Ethanol A Smart Choice Right Now For Decarbonization Goals

10-28-2021 Build Back Better Act Benefits Biofuels Industry

10-26-2021 New Yeast Innovation Delivers Unparalleled Performance For Bioenergy Industry

10-12-2021 USDA Maintains Forecast for 2021 - '22 Corn Use In Ethanol

10-20-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Expands 6%, Reaches Near Record High

10-12-2021 Argonne National Laboratory Releases 2021 GREET Update

10-14-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 6%, Stocks Down Slightly

10-12-2021 Formula One to Step on Accelerator with Biofuel Goals

10-07-2021 Governor Walz Announces Pathway to Reduce Impact of Transportation on Climate

10-05-2021 August Exports of U.S. Ethanol Bounce Back and Distillers Grains Exports Jump to Six-Year High

10-05-2021 AdvanceBio Selected for SAF Pilot Project Development and Design


09-30-2021 EIA: U.S. Biofuel Capacity, Feedstock Consumption Expand in July

09-29-2021 Blended Ethanol Has a 43.4 g/MJ Carbon Intensity Rating or Lower When Accounting for Aromatics Reduction

09-28-2021 Bustos, Axne, Craig, Klobuchar Lead Members Across Seven States Urging Administration to Increase Biofuels Usage

09-21-2021 As Nation's Seek Carbon Neutrality, Demonstrating Ethanol's Role Is Vital

09-20-2021 Choosing America's Farm Fields Over OPEC Oil Fields

09-15-2021 Moniz Wants to Turn More Focus to Clean Alternative Fuels, Negative Emissions

09-14-2021 There at the Beginning: Randy Doyal

09-13-2021 RFA Analysis: Retail Gas Prices Not Affected by Renewable Fuel Standard Credits

09-09-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 2%, Stocks Down 3%

09-09-2021 Rep. Axne Secures $1,000,000,000 for Biofuel Infrastructure in House's Build Back Better Act

09-02-2021 Klobuchar, Colleagues Urge Schumer, Pelosi to Support Homegrown Renewable Fuels in Reconciliation Package

09-02-2021 USDA: U.S. Ethanol Exports at 52 Million Gallons in July


08-30-2021 USDA Forecasts $2.4 billion In US Ethanol Exports For FY2022 

08-25-2021 Vehicle Emissions Standards Should Address High-Octane Fuels

08-21-2021 Let's Prioritize American Renewable Fuels Over Foreign Oil and Minerals

08-12-2021 Council Shows Ethanol Benefits as South Korea, Japan Set Carbon Neutrality Policies

08-11-2021 On the Road Again (With Liquid Fuels)

08-10-2021 EIA Increases 2022 Ethanol Production Forecast

08-09-2021 Groups Urge Congress to Use DOE Modeling for SAF Tax Credit

08-05-2021 Global Sales of U.S. Ethanol Moderately Recovered in June While U.S. DDGS Exports Eased from Prior Gains

08-04-2021 Vilsack Speech in Iowa Launches U.S. Grains Council Hybrid Summer Meeting

08-03-2021 CHS Expands Access to E15


07-29-2021 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol Up in May

07-27-2021 It's Time to Make Long-Lasting and Transformative Investments in Biofuels

07-27-2021 RFA Pledge to President: Ethanol to Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 or Sooner

07-25-2021 DOE: Corn Ethanol Employment Expected to Grow in 2021

07-22-2021 Governors Ask Biden Administration to Expand the Market for Higher-Octane Gasoline in New Fuel Economy Rule

07-21-2021 RFA Signals Intent to Fight Court's Decision on EPA's E15 Rule

07-19-2021 More Choices and Cleaner Fuel at the Gas Pump

07-13-2021 CoBank: US Ethanol Sector Well Positioned for H2 of 2021

07-13-2021 Biofuel Groups Say EPA Rule Should Include High Octane Standard

07-14-2021 Klobuchar, Fischer, Craig Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Permit Year-Round Sale Of Higher Blends Of Ethanol

07-14-2021 Representatives Angie Craig, Adrian Smith Lead Bipartisan Effort from Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Introducing Legislation to Allow Year-Round E15 Sales

07-12-2021 WASDE Maintains Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

07-07-2021 EIA Increases Ethanol Production Forecasts for 2021, 2022

07-06-2021 Sen. Klobuchar Confident E15 Will Remain Available This Summer and Beyond

07-06-2021 Whitefox's 10th U.S. Installation Will Take ICE® Membrane System Capacity to Over 150 Million Gallons Per Year

07-02-2021 Following Supreme Court Decision in HollyFrontier Case, Craig Introduces Bipartisan Bill Clarifying Oil Refinery Exemptions


06-30-2021 Klobuchar Introduces Bipartisan Biofuel Package to Expand the Availability and Accessibility of Low-Carbon Renewable Fuels

06-25-2021 House Biofuels Caucus Statement on Supreme Court's Renewable Fuel Standard Decision and the Future Integrity of the RFS

06-21-2021 MN Bill Would Allocate $6M to Biofuel Infrastructure

06-16-2021 Klobuchar Leads Colleagues in Urging Biden Administration to Uphold Renewable Fuel Standard Obligations for Oil Refiners

06-15-2021 USDA Announces Additional Aid to Ag Producers and Businesses in Pandemic Assistance for Producers Initiative

06-14-2021 House Biofuels Caucus Requests Pandemic Relief for Biofuels

06-10-2021 New Poll Finds Growing Bipartisan Support for RFS and Ethanol

06-08-2021 EIA Increases 2021, 2022 Forecasts for Ethanol Blending

06-07-2021 Greenfield Global Signs Agreement with CFS for Minnesota Plant

06-02-2021 IFF's Health & Biosciences Division Announces Agreement for Commercializing DSM Bio-based Products & Services Yeast Technology

06-02-2021 Biden's 2022 Budget Includes Funds for SAF, Biofuels, Bioenergy

06-02-2021 New Reports Correct the Record on Faulty Land Use Change Assertions

05-27-2021 USDA: Corn Use for Fuel Ethanol Up in March


05-25-2021 Duckworth Joins Fischer In Introducing Bipartisan RFS Integrity Act of 2021

05-21-2021 USDA Issues Progress Report on Climate Smart Ag, Forestry

05-19-2021 ADM Announces Successful Completion of One Million Metric Ton Carbon Capture and Storage Project

05-19-2021 U.S. Ethanol Production Tops 1 Million Barrels Per Day for Week Ending May 14

05-19-2021 Court Vacates 3 SREs Approved by Trump Administration

05-17-2021 ClearFlame Engine Technologies and Alto Ingredients, Inc Partner to Demonstrate Decarbonization of Diesel-Fueled Engines Using Ethanol Fuel

05-14-2021 Granholm Discusses DOE's View of Biofuels During Budget Hearing

05-11-2021 E15 Can Help Alleviate Fuel Shortages From Pipeline Shutdown

05-05-2021 U.S. EPA to Hand Over Biofuel Exemption Documents to GAO Probe

05-04-2021 U.S. Ethanol Exports Rebound on Near-Record Shipments to China; U.S. DDGS Exports Also Higher

05-03-2021 EPA Asks Court to Vacate, Remand 3 SREs Approved in January


04-29-2021 Al-Corn Clean Fuel Celebrates 25th Anniversary

04-21-2021 Senators Urge Regan to Uphold the RFS

04-20-2021 Former Political Leaders Urge 50-State Strategy on Green Energy

04-15-2021 Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company Milestone 25 Years of Ethanol and Industrial Alcohol Manufacturing

04-15-2021 Column: U.S. Ethanol Trends Sightly Improve Ahead of Summer Travel Season

04-09-2021 USDA Increases Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

04-09-2021 Governor Walz Highlights Biofuels Infrastructure Budget Proposal To Strengthen Small Businnesses, Support Farmers, And Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 


03-31-2021 Ethanol Production Up 5%, Stocks Down 3%

03-25-2021 Fueling the New Year

03-26-2021 Canada Now Top U.S. Ethanol Customer

03-24-2021 USDA to Provide COVID-19 Relief to Biofuel Producers

03-18-2021 U.S. Grains Council Helps Ensure Ethanol Has Environmental Role As Recovery Begins 

03-17-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 4%, Stocks Down 3%

03-16-2021 Vietnam Imports U.S. Ethanol as a Result of USGC Programming

03-15-2021 U.S. Senator Tina Smith Named Chair of Rural Development and Energy Panel on Senate Agriculture Committee

03-10-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 11%, Stocks Down 2%

03-11-2021 Broad Coalition Supports Statewide Minnesota Clean Fuels Standard

03-09-2021 USDA Maintains 2020 - '21 Forecast for Corn Use in Ethanol

03-08-2021 Senators Urge Vilsack to Provide COVID-19 Relief for Biofuels

03-03-2021 EIA: Ethanol Productions Up 29%, Stocks Down 2%


02-28-2021 Ethanol Provided Essential Products During Pandemic

02-22-2021 EPA Signals New Position On Small Refinery Exemptions

02-19-2021 Representatives Craig and Johnson Lead Congressional Biofuels Caucus in Introducing Legislation to Ensure Transparency in RFS Small Refinery Waiver Process

02-17-2021 Polish Ethanol Producer BGW to Reduce GHG Emissions with Whitefox ICE®

02-17-2021 RFA Ethanol Industry Outlook Focuses on Essential Energy for Tomorrow's Challenges

02-16-2021 Study: Despite Pandemic, Ethanol Industry Generated $35 Billion in GDP, Supported Over 300,000 Jobs in 2020

02-12-2021 RFA: RFS Has Slashed GHG Emissions by Nearly 1 Billion Tons

02-10-2021 Governor Walz Urges Swift Action to Support Biofuels and Reverse Previous Administration's Support for Oil Refinery Exemptions

02-10-2021 EIA Maintains 2021 Ethanol Production Forecast

02-09-2021 Biofuels Can Contribute Now to a Cleaner Energy Future

02-08-2021 Klobuchar, Ernst Introduce Legislation to Expand Renewable Fuel Market and Consumer Access

02-05-2021 USDA: U.S. Ethanol Exports at 1.33 Billion Gallons in 2020

02-04-2021 Klobuchar, Grassley Highlight Need to Restore Integrity to Renewable Fuel Standard in Letter to Environmental Protection Agency

02-01-2021 Statement from RFA, U.S. Grains Council and Growth Energy on U.S. Ethanol Appeal Outcome in Peru


01-26-2021 DuPont Launches SYNERXIA® Gemstone Collection of New High-Performance Yeasts for U.S. Ethanol Market

01-26-2021 Harvard, Tufts, EH&E Scientists Find Corn Ethanol Reduces Carbon Emissions by Nearly 50%

01-22-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up Slightly, Stocks Down

01-21-21 D.C. Circuit Court Stays EPA Action Granting Refinery Waivers

01-18-2021 CoBank: Ethanol Industry Continues to Recover in Q4

01-14-2021 U.S. EPA Eyes Extending Refinery Biofuel Deadlines, No Action on Waivers

01-13-2021 EIA: Ethanol Production Up 1%, Stocks Up 2%