Candidates & Biofuels: Jim Carlson

  • Thursday, 08 October 2020 12:41

Candidate D51

For our final installment on candidates running for seats in the Minnesota senate, we head to district 51 where Sen. Jim Carlson faces Douglas Willetts. Only Carlson responded to our questions.

D51 Jim CarlsoncroppedJim Carlson (D)

Q. Do you support Minnesota’s Petroleum Replacement Law (Minn. Stat. 239.7911), which calls for the consumption of at least 30 percent biofuels in transportation fuel by 2025?

A. Yes - I do support the law! My only concern is the massive resistance of the petroleum groups that have lobbied, spread and misinformed the public in order to generate opposition.  The ethanol industry needs to face this threat and bring the best science available to dispel false fears.

Q. Given the large number of spark ignition engine powered vehicles on the road and the need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, what is your position concerning a Minnesota Low Carbon High Octane Fuel Standard/Clean Fuels Policy which would result in higher consumption of ethanol?

A. Yes. Reducing greenhouse gasses is a critical top priority as well as providing the market for “home grown fuels”.  I also support biodiesel to power non-spark ignition vehicles and off-road vehicles.

Q. Do you support accelerating the permitting process for installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions?

A. Yes. I support accelerating the permitting process in any way that provides faster implementation of local production while still making sure all requirements are met.

Q. Do you support making higher ethanol blends, such as E15, available across Minnesota through infrastructure funding?

A. Yes. I want to prioritize locally-produced fuels that provide a Minnesota market for Minnesota-produced products even if subsidies are involved.