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The Ethanol Industry's Economic Footprint in Minnesota's Fourth Congressional District

  • Tuesday, 06 March 2018 15:16

Continuing our series on the ethanol industry’s economic footprint in each of Minnesota’s congressional districts, we head over to fourth congressional district, which includes St. Paul and its suburbs such as Woodbury, Roseville, White Bear Lake, Stillwater, Arden Hills, Oakdale and Maplewood.

Like the second and third congressional districts, there aren’t any ethanol producers in the fourth congressional district. But the district is home to 25 vendor companies that support the ethanol industry.

Among services offered by these companies include: environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, analytical lab solutions, extraction technology, design and construction resources, leak and emissions controls, feed ingredient merchandising and distribution, tank installation, energy consultation, industrial automation, enzyme and yeast formulations, fuel dispersal, insurance, technology and parts suppliers, as well as structural engineering.

The companies that offer these goods and services include Pace Analytical, CTE Global, Phibro Ethanol Performance Group, Larson Engineering, McGough, Diesel Dogs, Brown Tank, Purina, Trinity Consultants and Golder Associates.  

This district is also home to Andeavor which is one of only two refiners located in Minnesota that supplies finished gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol to resellers and consumers  throughout the Midwest.

There are also 43 stations within this district that offer higher ethanol blended gasoline such as E15, E30, and E85. Of these 43 stations – which include brands like Tesoro, Winner, Holiday, Kwik Trip, SuperAmerica, BP, HyVee and Minnoco - 42 percent of them only began dispensing these higher blends in the last 12 months.