The Ethanol Industry's Economic Footprint in Minnesota's Third Congressional District

  • Friday, 23 February 2018 12:22

Continuing with our series on the ethanol industry’s economic impact in specific congressional districts in Minnesota, we travel today to the Third Congressional District.

This district comprises of parts of Minneapolis and its suburbs like Bloomington, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Rogers and Wayzata.

While there isn’t any ethanol produced in this district, the industry is still represented by 35 vendor companies that provide vital support for Minnesota’s ethanol industry. In fact, this district has the most number of vendor companies in Minnesota.

These 35 companies offer the following services to the ethanol industry:

Construction and plant design, tank cleaning, commercial insurance, regulatory filing, environmental testing support, wastewater treatment, carbon credit procurement, biofuel infrastructure installation, distribution services, tank and trailer manufacturers, plant maintenance, enzyme research, equipment supply and repairs, and supply chain consultation.

The companies that provide the aforementioned services include Burns & McDonnell, Tin Thanh Industrial, Boulay, Pinnacle Engineering, Syngenta, Willis, Kinect Energy, Advance Process Solutions, Donaldson Torit, McCormick Construction Company and Pump and Meter Services.

In addition, this district is also home to 37 fuel retailers that offer higher blends of ethanol. Among the brands offering fuels such as E15, E30 and E85 include Hy Vee, Bobby and Steve’s, Minnoco, Kwik Trip and Holiday.

Glenns Minnoco 6

Picture Caption : Glenn's Minnoco in Minnetonka is one of 37 fuel retailers in Minnesota's Third Congressional District that offers higher blends of ethanol.

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