Taurus Energy Joins The Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association

Taurus Energy logo

Minneapolis, Oct 12 – Taurus Energy AB has become the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association’s latest vendor member.

Taurus Energy, which is based in Sweden and has operations in Minnesota, is a research and development company that has developed, among others, new yeast technology for ethanol production.

“We are pleased to welcome Taurus Energy as our latest vendor member. Taurus Energy has made new forays into yeast technology and we look forward to working with them as they expand their presence in Minnesota,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

Taurus Energy, which holds over 10 patent families, provides ethanol producers the company’s technology and methods to produce ethanol from new plant material as well as increase yields and profitability in corn ethanol production.

“For one thing there already exists a cultural bond between Sweden and Minnesota, including an ongoing technology exchange in the bioenergy field between our two countries.

“From Taurus, we hope to participate in biofuel job-creating projects from the timberland in northern Minnesota and to work with existing corn ethanol plants to increase their yield and profitability from added cellulose ethanol production,” said Eddy Christensson, COO of Taurus Energy’s Minnesota operations.

In 2015, Taurus Energy and Canada’s Lallemand Biofuel & Distilled Spirits entered into a partnership to develop, market, sell and distribute the former’s Gen 2 XyloFerm yeast platform in the United States.

XyloFerm is a cellulosic yeast that offers minimal byproduct formation with a high tolerance for inhibitors common with cellulosic substrates.

Christensson said Taurus Energy and Lallemand are also currently in negotiations to supply its second generation yeast technology for Sweetwater Energy’s proposed bio-chemical / ethanol plant in Mountain Iron, Minnesota. 

Taurus Energy Lab

Picture Caption: Taurus Energy scientist at work at the company's lab in Gothernburg, Sweden