MoistTech Aims to Highlight Efficiency & Production Through Data Collection

  • Thursday, 12 May 2022 13:12

MoistTech Corporation

May 12, 2022

MoistTech Corp. provides manufacturers with the capabilities to increase production quality through continuous monitoring, maintains plant efficiency that decreases human error and surveys ways to reduce front end expenses. Plant managers have immediate access to real time data monitoring to make immediate line adjustments to ensure optimal processing and quality control standards. 

Highlighting the need for companies to thoroughly evaluate their current methods of reducing waste – wasted efforts, wasted energy and wasted product - data collection of moisture content throughout the manufacturing process can create a multitude of ways for plant managers to implement process improvements. Evaluating and implementing lean manufacturing principles assists in eliminating waste and improving overall plant production.

When considering the many challenges that plant operators are tasked with, moisture control plays a large role. Moisture content can affect product quality and equipment function, making it a crucial focus point in proactive avoidance of quality control issues. Dryer effectiveness is critical, as dryers consume a large amount of energy during operation. The implementation of moisture measurement before and after the dryer provides immediate control over the temperature and operational efficiency, which saves energy and increases overall efficiency. 

The power of the data collected during moisture monitoring provides the end user with instant profitability measures, saving manufacturers time and money by quickly detecting the variable manufacturing process, allowing corrections to be made in real time.

Ideally, a moisture control system should be able to accurately detect moisture at different stages of the manufacturing process, be easy to maintain and be tough enough to withstand the harsh production environment. The installation of an NIR moisture detection device prevents out-of-specification product due to undesirable moisture levels, allowing the facility to fine tune the set-up to make sure a more consistent, higher quality product is produced – ultimately improving the bottom line. In other words, clients save money and time, and prevent negative results due to inconsistencies and human error. 

Over-drying a product can result in a dusty environment that can lead to a fire or dust explosion. As such, greater plant safety is achieved with a proper moisture measurement system and cost savings are enhanced. By implementing a moisture detection process, producers can monitor 100% of their product quality instantly and consistently. Additionally, active adjustments can continuously be made to the process, optimizing the outcome.