Central High School Students Visit Heartland Corn Products

  • Friday, 11 March 2022 12:45


Winthrop, March 14 - Seventeen students from Central High School in Norwood Young America toured Heartland Corn Products on March 10 to learn about ethanol production.

During the tour, the students learned about the different stages of the ethanol production process including incoming grain grading, grain handling, fermentation, grain storage, dried distillers grain production / storage, ethanol storage and shipment.

The students who participated in the tour were from grades 9 to 12 and were from the school’s small engines class. 

“We were pleased to once again welcome students from Central High School Norwood to our plant and explain to them how ethanol is produced. These tours allow us to highlight locally produced, clean, renewable energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while bolstering the economy in Winthrop and in other parts of rural Minnesota,” said Gary Anderson, CEO of Heartland Corn Products.

The tour was organized by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association (MN Bio-Fuels). Heartland Corn Products is a member of MN Bio-Fuels.

“As gas prices increase due to the war in Ukraine, tours like this are important to highlight the importance of how ethanol makes us more energy independent and reduces prices at the pump,” said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of MN Bio-Fuels.

Jim Mesik, agriculture teacher at Central High School, accompanied his students during the tour.

“Central’s students benefited greatly from this tour in several ways. For one thing, they are now more informed consumers of fuel when the time comes to drive up to the pump. They also now have a much greater appreciation for the role biofuels play in our agricultural economy in rural Minnesota. Buying ethanol is good for us on a local level. Lastly, the students now understand how ethanol can serve as a great source of octane for today’s fuel needs,” he said.