Fluid Quip Technologies' DCO Technology Achieving Record Distillers Corn Oil Yields at Ace Ethanol

  • Wednesday, 23 August 2023 08:46

Fluid Quip Technologies

Aug 23, 2023

Fluid Quip Technologies (FQT) is pleased to announce that its patented Distillers Corn Oil (DCO) TechnologyTM is achieving record distillers corn oil yields for Ace Ethanol in Stanley, Wisconsin, with increases of over 20% above historical rates. 

“Ace Ethanol is a high-performing plant with a cellulosic ethanol system and FQT is excited to announce that our DCO Technology has helped them push their distillers corn oil to their highest yields to date, and among the highest in the industry,” said Michael Franko, Vice President of Fluid Quip Technologies. “Ace has been a long-term customer partner, and these results confirm that the DCO system can achieve significant oil increases at plants with different technologies installed, even those starting with high oil yields already.” 

“We are excited to see oil yield increases with the FQT DCO Technology at Ace,” said Neal Kemmet, President of Ace Ethanol. “We have worked hard to keep Ace at the forefront of industry technologies, and we see FQT’s DCO Technology as an integral step in achieving that goal.” 

DCO TechnologyTM mechanically separates more oil from whole stillage into the thin stillage stream and then clarifies the stream to reduce fine solids going to evaporation and oil recovery systems. The mechanical separation can reduce the need for additional chemicals or enzymes, helping to lower operational expenses, even while achieving higher distillers corn oil yields. 

DCO TechnologyTM is integrated into FQT’s patented Maximized Stillage Co-productsTM (MSCTM) protein systems, making the technology a building block to adding MSC and higher-value protein production in the future. 

About Fluid Quip Technologies: Fluid Quip Technologies (FQT) is a global leader providing proprietary technologies and engineering solutions to the food, beverage, biofuel and biochemical production industries. FQT's innovative solutions enhance grain-to-ethanol dry grind processes, create alternative feed products, and cater to the growing demand for carbohydrate feedstocks in the biochemical market. 

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