Greenfield Global: WFI Helps Meet Demand from Biopharma Customers

  • Wednesday, 05 October 2022 12:02

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Oct 4, 2022

To meet the increased demand from biopharma customers, Greenfield Global is tripling its production capacity for ethanol blends with water-for-injection (WFI) at its Brookfield, Connecticut plant from a 2,000 gallon tank to a total capacity just shy of 6,000 gallons.  

Greenfield’s increased capacity provides greater confidence in supply chain security and increases production lead times for the laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and both large and small molecule pharmaceutical companies served around the globe.  Under the Pharmco brand, Greenfield offers access to a larger volume of these ready to use solutions, helping customers improve their own manufacturing efficiencies as they can rely on Greenfield to quickly meet the demand to make the product they need to their exact specifications.

In addition to blending Greenfield’s USP and World Grade ethanol with WFI, the company also has the capability to blend additional custom solutions used in chromatography resin cleaning, storage, and regeneration in any package size or format required by customers – pails, drums, totes, and single-use containers.

“In medicine and life sciences, innovation happens fast, and the stakes are high. Our chemists and engineers are continually adapting and adding capabilities without compromising quality,” said Frank Richards, executive vice president and managing director, specialty chemicals and ingredients at Greenfield Global. “By tripling our capacity to produce ethanol blends with water for injection, we are greatly enhancing our supply-chain transparency, service reliability, and responsiveness to the very specific and technical customer demands in this market, something that is unique to Greenfield.”

The pharmaceutical industry depends on suppliers to provide the best available high-purity solvents & solutions, specialty chemicals, and biobased ingredients to help people live better and longer. For over 10 years, Greenfield Global has provided a customized level of quality and service that small suppliers can’t replicate, and large suppliers can’t react to as we control the process from end-to-end: from order receipt, to manufacturing to delivery.

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