Delegations from Latin America, Mexico Visit U.S., Attend Ethanol Events

  • Tuesday, 08 March 2022 09:51

U.S. Grains Council

Mar 3, 2022

As part of ongoing market development efforts in Chile, Guatemala and Mexico, and to increase ethanol use in Colombia, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) hosted a delegation comprised of key government and industry representatives last week. The group attended the National Ethanol Conference in New Orleans before visiting the Denver area on a trade mission.

The time the delegation spent in the United States was meant to facilitate technical conversations to allow the team to learn about the economic benefits and best practices for blending ethanol. Additionally, this interaction allowed the group to familiarize themselves with the U.S. ethanol industry and make connections with counterparts in the U.S. as they seek to establish blend policies in their own countries.

The Council hosted a private educational session for the delegation while in New Orleans, providing an overview of the U.S. ethanol industry and a look at the operations of ethanol blending. The session offered an opportunity for participants to interact with Volkswagen (VW) Latin America and discuss VW’s vision for how ethanol can help achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or sooner. In addition, the group learned how low carbon ethanol plays a role in the transport sector decarbonization process.

In Denver, the group heard from Bob McCormick, a senior research fellow at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, on the lab’s recent Global Ethanol-Blended-Fuel Vehicle Compatibility Study,  that demonstrates vehicle compatibility with higher-level ethanol blends. The participants were able to visit a local ethanol plant, as well as a fuel terminal, giving participants a first-hand experience of the U.S. ethanol industry and demonstrating the industry’s reliability as a trade partner.

“This mission was instrumental in showcasing the U.S. ethanol industry – how it has evolved, and what has contributed to its success. For producer delegates, it was critical for building trust and an understanding that will facilitate partnerships to complement local production in their various countries,” said Carlos Suarez, USGC regional ethanol consultant for Latin America.

As the Council looks to further develop these markets for U.S. ethanol, trade education is just one of the ways the organization helps fulfill its mission of developing markets, enabling trade and improving lives.

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