Getting Rewarded For Using E15

Let's face it, going to the gas station to fuel up your vehicle isn't exactly something anyone looks forward to. And each time you fuel up, you leave the station a little poorer. But what if you could win some cash when you fuel up your vehicle?

E15 pre-campaign.001

From Sept 16 to Nov 16, you might just win $100 when you fuel up your vehicle with E15. All you need to do is submit a photo of yourself fueling your vehicle (you can submit a selfie or a photo someone else took of you) with E15 to our Fuel Up With E15 And Win tab on our Facebook page. Then, get your friends and family to vote for your picture.

The photo with the highest votes at the end of the contest period will win a $100 gift card. If you already use E15, then this is contest is just the icing on the cake for you. If you don't, then now's your chance to win $100 gift card while at the same time experience using a cleaner, high-octane fuel that is generally cheaper than regular E10 (E15 is a reward in its own way).

This offer is only open to Minnesota residents and there are seven stations in the state at present with a several more slated to come on board in the near future. Check to find out where you can get E15.

Last but not least, please note that the U.S. EPA has approved the use of E15 in all light-duty vehicles made in 2001 onwards. Follow us on our Facebook page to get the latest updates on our Fuel Up With E15 And Win contest.