New Fuels America Campaign : Who Will Benefit From a Weakend RFS?

  • Monday, 11 August 2014 00:00

Fuels America has launched a new campaign that focuses on people who benefit with a weakened Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The timing of the campaign seems to suggest that the EPA may be getting close to announcing the final rule for the renewable volume obligation (RVO) for 2014. (However, comments by the EPA's Paul Machiele at the ACE conference in Minneapolis last week seem to indicate that there still isn't a specific date set to announce the final rule.)

Fuels America said the following individuals stand to gain from a weakened RFS:

1. Supertankers : Cutting production of U.S. renewables means more oil imports.

2. Big Oil Tankers : Ethanol is affordable. Less in your tank means more in big oil's wallets.

3. Asthma Inhaler Manufacturers : Biofuels improve air quality. Cutting the RFS equals dirtier fuel and dirtier air.

4. The Air Conditioning Industry : Cutting renewable fuel = more CO2 = climate change. Time to upsize your AC unit.

5. Persian Gulf realtors : Less American fuel = pumping more dollars overseas.

6. China and Brazil : Killing the RFS means advanced biofuel investments go overseas instead.\

7. The Dowager Countess (from Downtown Abbey) : Afraid of change? Killing the RFS kills investment in American innovation. 

8. Oil Spill Cleanup Crews : There were 6,000 oil spills in 2012. That's 16 a day.

9. The Koch Brothers : Filling up on fossil fuels fills up their pockets.

10. Gondoliers : Climate change = more sunken cities.

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