Aug '23 E15 Volume Revised to 11 million gallons - A New Record

  • Tuesday, 09 January 2024 09:10

The volume of E15 sold in August 2023 has been revised by the Minnesota Department of Commerce from 10.54 million gallons to 11.05 million gallons - a new record.

It was also the first time E15 sales have breached the 11-million-gallon mark in Minnesota. 

At 11.05 million gallons, the volume sold in August 2023 was 15.8 percent higher than the 9.54 million gallons sold in August 2022.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has also revised its E15 sales figures for June, July, September and October.

The new volumes are (previously reported volumes in parenthesis):

June: 10.59 million gallons (10.11 million gallons)

July: 10.65 million gallons (10.16 million gallons)

Sept: 10.42 million gallons (9.87 million gallons)

Oct: 10.7 million gallons (9.94 million gallons)

With these new numbers, monthly E15 sales in Minnesota was above the 10-million-gallon mark for seven staight months in 2023 (the volume for May 2023 was 10.07 million gallons). In 2022, monthly E15 sales only breached 10 million gallons once - 10.07 million gallons in October. 

In addition, the Minnesota Department of Commerce reports E15 sales in November 2023 totaled 10.23 million gallons. This was 8.6 percent higher than the volume sold in November 2022 (9.42 million gallons). 

On a cumulative basis, E15 sales in Minnesota from January to November 2023 totaled 110.79 million gallons, exceeding the volume sold for the whole of 2022 (105.48 million gallons).