MN Bio-Fuels Statement On 2023, 2024 & 2025 RVOs

  • Wednesday, 21 June 2023 12:27

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its final rule for the renewable volume obligations (RVOs) for 2023, 2024 and 2025 today.

In its final rule, the EPA has set an RVO of 15 billion gallons for corn ethanol for 2023, 2024 and 2025. In addition, it has set a supplemental volume of 250 milion gallons to 2023's RVO. However, its RVOs for 2024 and 2025 is down from the 15.25 billion gallons it had initially proposed in December 2022.

Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association's executive director, Brian Werner, said: "While we appreciate the EPA’s commitment to bring consistency to the marketplace by finalizing renewable fuel blend targets for 2023, 2024, and 2025, we are disappointed that the final rule lowers conventional ethanol volumes from what was proposed in December 2022. Minnesota’s biofuel producers are helping to lower prices at the pump, reduce reliance on foreign oil, and improve air quality. We will continue working with EPA to ensure its future actions unleash the full potential of Minnesota-made renewable fuels.”