Candidates & Biofuels: Paul Anderson

  • Thursday, 13 October 2022 13:28

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Today we head to District 12A where Paul Anderson is up against Edie Barrett. Here are Anderson's responses (we did not recieve responses from Barrett):

Paul Andersoncropped Paul Anderson (R) District 12A

Q. Do you support Minnesota’s Petroleum Replacement Law (Minn. Stat. 239.7911), which calls for the consumption of at least 30 percent biofuels in transportation fuel by 2025?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you support a role for ethanol in clean fuel standard legislation?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you support accelerating the permitting process for installation of equipment to improve ethanol production and reduce emissions?

A. Yes, I have visited with several ethanol plant managers who said they wouldn't start a plant again in Minnesota because of the cumbersome permitting process with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  We need to streamline that process and put reasonable timeline deadlines into it.

Q. Do you support making higher ethanol blends, such as E15, available across Minnesota by funding compatible infrastructure at retail stations? If yes, would you prefer the funding source to come from the General Fund or a fee placed on each gallon of liquid fuel sold in Minnesota similar to the Petrofund program? 

A. Yes.I would prefer that the funding source come from the General Fund, with additional support from private industry.  Raising the tax on motor fuel can become mired down politically, and with our high prices lately, it will be hard to add an additional fee onto transportation fuels.I have also discussed this with many in the industry, and there is widespread opinion on just how high the cost would be to have all service stations in Minnesota certified to sell E-15. Some say the cost will be much lower than the $800 million figure that has been used.


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