MN Seeks Emergency Waiver For E15

  • Monday, 04 April 2022 10:16

Gov. Tim Walz has asked the EPA to exercise its emergency authority to waive its summertime RVP resistrictions on E15 in light of high prices at the pump due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

In a letter to the EPA on April 1, Walz said the waiver is necessary "to bring cost relief, flexibility, and certainty to the midwestern fuel market."

"Such an emergency waiver is expressedly authorized by the statute, would not likely impact air quality in the state, and would result in E15 availability during the summer, which is often a cheaper fuel option at the pump for consumers. Swift action is critical because federal low volatility regulations apply to fuel manufacturers, distributors, resellers, terminal owners, and operators beginning on May 1, 2022," he said.

Additionally, Walz said E15 prices in recent weeks have been 5 to 10 cents lower per gallon than E10 and 60 to 70 cents per gallon lower than gasoline with no ethanol. 

"The emergency waiver I am requesting allows fuel retailers to maintain continuity in offering lower-cost E15 to their customers at a time when family budgets are being stretched thin by record high gas prices," he added. 

Read the full letter below:

2022 04 01 E 15 Decision Point Letter