2021 Was A Record Year For E15 Sales In Minnesota

  • Thursday, 06 January 2022 14:06

The volume of E15 sold in Minnesota from January to November last year was 78.94 million gallons, according to the latest data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce. That exceeds the previous record of 78.52 million gallons that was sold for the whole of 2019. 

The volume sold over 11 months in 2021 also exceeded the 74.39 million gallons sold for the whole of 2020.

TheIn AddAdAccorind gAjkljfgkdngldwgkwgekgerkgghAdditAAdditionally, the Department of Commerce has revised the volume reported for October 2021 to 7.99 million gallons from the 7.87 million gallons that was previously reported. This then makes the volume of E15 sold in October the highest monthly volume recorded while the second highest was the 7.93 million gallons sold in August last year.

As for November, 7.59 million gallons of E15 was sold. While lower than October, it should be noted that only 255 stations reported their sales in November compared to 268 stations in the previous month

November's volume of 7.59 million gallons was the seventh consecutive month E15 sales in Minnesota have exceeded 7 million gallons - another new record.

Year-on-year, E15 sales in November last year was 27.5 percent higher than November 2020 (5.95 million gallons).

E15 Sales 2021 Vs 2020.001