42 Million Gallons of E15 And Counting

  • Wednesday, 07 November 2018 11:37

2018 is set to be another landmark year for E15 in Minnesota. 

In 2017, E15 sales in Minnesota reached an all-time high of 19.05 million gallons. But in just nine months of 2018, E15 sales in the state have already more than doubled to 42.97 million gallons. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in September totaled 3.66 million gallons, nearly a million gallons more than the volume in August (2.8 million gallons). The higher volume in September was expected as the EPA's RVP ban on E15 ended on Sept 15.  

The RVP ban took a toll on E15 sales during the summer as the volume dropped from a monthly record of 6.74 million gallons in May to an average of 3 million gallons a month during the summer.

Nonetheless, this may be the last year E15 sales are restricted by the RVP ban in the summer. The EPA has announced that it will begin a rulemaking process in February next year to extend an RVP waiver to E15. 

As for other blends of ethanol, the Commerce Department reported E85 sales clocked in at 1.58 million gallons in September, the third highest volume recorded in 2018 after 1.89 million gallons in July and 1.68 million gallons in June. 

On a cumulative basis, E85 sales in 2018 hit 12.26 million gallons at the end of September. 

E15 sales graphic