Former GM Engineer : Higher Ethanol Blends Are Fuels Of The Future

  • Friday, 09 September 2016 09:47

A former engineer at General Motors says ethanol blends like E25 to E30 are fuels of the future thanks to ethanol's high octane rating and low carbon emissions.

In an opinion piece in the Hill, Dean Drake, who has 34 years experience in powertrain design and environmental policy, says a new gasoline ethanol blend like E20 or E30 would :

1. Have the octane rating of today's premium grade fuel

2. Result in lower toxic emissions than is the case with today's premium fuel

3. Cost the consumer about the same as today's regular grade fuel

4. Allow vehicles designed for this fuel to achieve higher efficiency with the same or better fuel economy as today's vehicles while substantially reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

Drake's assesment is consistent with the conclusions from a recent study by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

You can read the rest of Drake's opinion piece here


Picture caption : The 2016 MINI Hardtop are among several MINI models that are already approved for E25