Over Three Million Gallons Of E15 Sold In 2015!

  • Friday, 05 February 2016 12:36

The final numbers are out. E15 sales in Minnesota in 2015 closed at a record-breaking 3.09 million gallons. 

The volume of E15 sold in 2015 was nearly 12 times the volume sold in the state in 2014 (257,855 gallons). According to a report by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, E15 sales in December totaled 527,574 gallons - a new monthly record - and 3.4 percent higher than the total recorded in November (510,210).

December's E15 volume represented the second straight month E15 sales in Minnesota breached 500,000 gallons. It was also the fifth time in 2015 where E15 sales in Minnesota hit a new record. The previous records were 183,934 gallons (January), 248,313 gallons (September), 481,926 gallons (October) and 510,210 gallons (November).    

Compared to December 2014, the volume of E15 sold in December 2015 was nearly 17 times higher (Dec 2014 : 31,180 gallons).

E15 sales rapidly increased in 2015 with a total of 36 retailers in the state offering the new regular.

Apart from E15, sales of other mid-blends of ethanol in 2015 also grew. 

Sales of E30 closed at 455,149 gallons for the year, 66 percent higher than the 274,347 gallons sold in 2014. The volume of E50 in 2015 also grew 62 percent to 139,396 gallons from 85,605 gallons in 2014. 

Meanwhile, sales of E85 in 2015 totaled 13.18 million gallons, slightly lower than the 13.44 million gallons sold in 2014. The lower volume in 2015 was attributed to the lower price differential between regular unleaded and E85. 

The Minnesota Department of Commerce said the average price differential for the year was 40 cents while it was 61 cents in 2014.