Use E15 To Reduce Carbon Emissions Today

It’s no secret that the transportation sector is one the largest contributors to climate change. But alarmingly, it continues to remain the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the United States, 33 percent of all carbon emissions come from the transportation sector. With record low gas prices and more miles being driven, carbon emissions from this sector will continue to rise.   

At the recent COP21 Paris Climate Talks, 195 nations agreed to keep global temperature increases this century to below 2 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t sound like much but it is in fact a daunting task. To stay under the 2 degree Celsius mark, experts say that two-thirds of our transportation would need to cease.

Can you imagine that?

That translates to:

1. You’d only be driving to work every 3rd day of the week

2. 60% of public transit would have to stop.

3. Airline (for those that don’t go bankrupt) prices would skyrocket.

This, turn, would have a devastating effect on global economies. 

So what is our solution?

The benefits of electric cars don’t need to be repeated here. But they cost more than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles and the lack of charging stations have hindered sales.

Last year, a record 17.5 million cars were sold in the U.S. Electric car sales were 116,597 units. That’s not even 1 percent of the market. But while the electric car market is still in its infancy, there is something else we can do to reduce carbon emissions right away: E15.

All cars 2001 or newer can immediately start using E15 and reducing carbon emissions. Over 80 percent of the cars on the road can use E15 and make a difference. With E15, our current transportation system does not need drastic and costly changes nor do we need to reduce our traveling habits by 66 percent.

So what are you waiting for? Go fuel up with E15!

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