Half A Million Gallons of E15 Sold In November

  • Wednesday, 06 January 2016 00:00

For the third consecutive month, sales of E15 in Minnesota hit a new record, this time with half a million gallons sold in November 2015. 

The Minnesota Department of Commerce said in a statement that the volume of E15 sold in November was 500,009 gallons, exceeding the previous record of 472,764 gallons recorded in October 2015. 

Interestingly, the volume of 500,009 recorded in November 2015 was nearly 10-times the amount sold in November 2014 of 52,687 gallons.

On a 11-month basis, E15 sales in 2015 was 2.54 million gallons. On an annualized basis, sales of E15 in 2015 would have totaled 2.77 million gallons, nearly 11-times the volume moved in 2014 (257,855 gallons). E15 sales have rapidly increased this year with more stations selling E15 with 36 retailers offering the new regular in Minnesota. 

Besides E15, sales of other blends such as E20, E30 and E50 have also increased. E30 sales, over the 11-month period in 2015, totaled 411,173 gallons, 49 percent higher than the total volume of E30 sold in 2014 (274,347 gallons). 

Cumulatively, sales of E15 and mid-blends in 2015 in November were estimated to have totaled 903,563 gallons.

Over a 11-month period, sales of those blends were estimated to have been over 5.5 million gallons.  

Meanwhile, the Department of Commerce said E85 sales in November was 1.17 million gallons, down from 1.22 million gallons the month before. The dip in E85 sales can be atrributed to the lower price difference between E85 and regular unleaded.

In November, the price difference was 30 cents while it was 46 cents in October 2015. For comparative purposes, the price difference in November 2014 was 59 cents.