Carson Makes A U Turn On Ethanol

  • Thursday, 29 October 2015 00:00

A few days ago, we listed where the current GOP presidential candidates stand on ethanol. As we had warned, those views could change and that happened last night at the CNBC GOP debate.

Ben Carson, who had earlier voiced support for ending oil industry subsidies and installing E30 pumps nationwide, has now reversed his support for ethanol.

"First of all, I was wrong about taking the oil subsidy. I have studied that issue in great detail and what I've concluded, the best policy is to get rid of all government subsidies and get government out of our lives and let people rise and fall based on how good they are. And you know all this 'too big to fail' stuff and picking and choosing winners and losers, this is a bunch of crap. And it is really causing a great deal of problems for our society right now."

It's strange reversal of his original position to implement E30 pumps nationwide with funds saved by ending subsidies for the oil industry. And while we are on the subject of subsidies, perhaps someone should tell Carson that the ethanol industry does not receive any subsidies. 

Ironically enough, Carson's remarks come after reports that he's been leading in the polls in Iowa, a state where the RFS enjoys strong bipartisan support.