Kansas Ethanol To Use ICM's Fiber Separation Technology


Feb 8, 2015

Kansas Ethanol LLC has entered an agreement to use ICM Inc's value-added Fiber Separation Technology (FST) platform. FST removes fiber from the standard ethanol process and allows for increased ethanol and oil recovery yields.

This in turn, ICM said, unlocks throughput and efficiency for each gallon of ethanol produced and creates options for diversified co-products with high-protein feeds and fiber.

"Kansas Ethanol was in a similar situation a few years ago as an early adopter of ICM's Selective Milling Technology (SMT) and SMT's success gave us a great deal of confidence as we considered taking this next step as an early adopter of FST," said Mike Chisam, president and CEO of Kansas Ethanol.

ICM's SMT is geared towards increasing ethanol yields, reducing enzyme use and decreasing centrifuge and dryer loads. ICM said Kansas Ethanol is one of 19 ethanol plants in North America that use SMT.

"Kansas Ethanol is both a valued customer and partner in the industry. We are impressed with Kansas Ethanol's desire to be a leader in the renewable fuels industry and we appreciate this opportunity to help them set new operation and production standards with the addition of FST," said Chris Mitchell, president of ICM.

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