The Andersons, Inc. Addressing Strategic Priorities with Energy Efficient Membrane Installation at Denison Plant

  • Wednesday, 01 June 2022 11:30

Whitefox Technologies

Jun 1, 2022

Denison, IA, June 1, 2022 – Whitefox Technologies is pleased to announce that The Andersons, Inc. is currently installing the Whitefox ICE® membrane dehydration system at its ethanol plant located in Denison, IA. This is Whitefox’s eleventh installation in the U.S. and its fourth installation in Iowa. The installation project is in its last stages of completion and is due to be commissioned in October 2022. 

Bill Krueger, President of The Andersons Trade and Processing, said, “We have been evaluating Whitefox technology for some time, and saw that the system aligned with our goals for upgrading the Denison plant which include lower steam use and energy cost per gallon. It also helps to drive our objective of reducing carbon intensity across our production facilities. I am excited that this project is now nearing completion as it addresses several of our strategic priorities.” 

The Whitefox ICE® system treats existing recycle streams to free up and debottleneck distillation-dehydration capacity, enabling The Andersons and other producers to lower natural gas use, cut carbon emissions, improve plant cooling, and increase potential production capacity depending on the system design. Whitefox ICE® is integrated into existing corn ethanol production plants with minimal disruption and a small footprint. 

Malcolm Rock, Whitefox COO, commented “The goal of this installation is to increase plant capacity while reducing steam consumption per gallon of ethanol produced. Our process engineers designed a tailored solution that fits the distinctive features of the Dension plant emphasising on de-bottlenecking the plant, integrating heat where possible and to avoid significant capital cost in future expansions. Together with The Andersons, I am pleased to see the final stages of the project coming together and look forward to start-up and commissioning in October this year. It has been a real pleasure to work with Bill Krueger, Rod Harris, and the team at the Denison plant.” 


About The Andersons, Inc. 

The Andersons is a publicly traded company with diverse interests encompassing a variety of agribusinesses. Their investment in ethanol is a natural extension of its core business competencies in grain operations, corn originations, and commodity processing. 

They are a significant investor in, as well as manage the operations of, The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC, located in Albion, MI; Logansport, IN; Greenville, OH; and Denison, IA. The Andersons originate more than 390 million bushels of corn, soybeans, and wheat annually through their relationships with thousands of customers in the Midwest. Their approach utilizes one-on-one business relationships while focusing on the development and execution of integrated commodity prices and production risk management plans. 

About Whitefox Technologies Limited

Whitefox Technologies, with 22 years of industrial experience, is a leading solutions provider for fuel ethanol and other alcohol production processes. Specializing in technology development and process integration based on proprietary membrane solutions, its efficient designs reduce energy and water consumption in fuel ethanol and other renewable fuel and chemical production processes. Whitefox provides solutions for alcohol producers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and South America. 

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