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Ethanol Fix is Vital for Minnesota Farmers

  • Friday, 15 February 2019 14:39

Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

February 15, 2019

By Representative John Poston

The ethanol industry has great potential to improve agricultural communities in Minnesota, boosting the economy and helping our hardworking farmers provide for their families.

Over the past five years, farm income has fallen by 46 percent. One thing that all Americans can do to help is use a biofuel that we make and sell right here at home. E15, a 15 percent ethanol blend, is made from farm crops like corn.

Minnesota farmers rely on ethanol plants to buy their crops and convert them into ethanol. This provides farmers a valuable market for their crops and keeps prices at the pump low. Due to outdated regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency has restricted the sale of E15, making it unavailable during the summer months, the busiest season of travel for motorists.

Minnesotans have been champions of value-added agriculture long before this decision, but we are on a deadline.

The fix for E15 must be in place by June 1 to benefit Minnesota drivers and farmers. Some in the fossil fuel industry have sought to stall this needed action. We cannot afford any delays that would risk another year of sagging rural incomes and economic uncertainty in corn country.

The EPA needs to deliver on President Trump's promise to make E15 a reality. Minnesota farmers are depending on it.

Rep. John Poston,

District 9A

R-Lake Shore

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