E15 Sales Breach 800k gallons For Second Straight Month

  • Tuesday, 14 March 2017 13:17

E15 sales in Minnesota totaled 827,613 gallons in January 2017, breaching the 800,000-gallon-mark for the second straight month.

Data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce shows E15 sales in January 2017 was nearly 65 percent higher than the volume recorded in January 2016.

E15 sales in January this year were slightly lower than the 841,589 gallons of E15 recorded in December 2016. However, the Minnesota Department of Commerce shows there were 69 stations that reported their volume in January compared to 70 in December. 

E30 sales in January was at 45,177 gallons, up 44 percent from 31,352 gallons the same month last year.

In total, sales of ethanol mid-blends (E15, E20, E30, E40 and E50) was at 1.46 million gallons in January this year compared to 866,483 gallons in 2016. 

Meanwhile, E85 sales in January grew 28 percent to 1.12 million gallons from 885,502 gallons in January 2016. The volume of E85 sold in the first month of this year was also higher than December 2016 (1.07 million gallons).

It should be noted that January 2017's E85 sales is the highest volume recorded for the month of January since 2013 when the Department of Commerce began using data from the Minnesota Department of Revenue for E85 sales.  

One reason for the increase in E85 sales may have been the higher price differential between E85 and regular unleaded in January. According to the Department of Commerce, the price differential between E85 and regular unleaded was 50 cents in January 2017. In December last year, it was 41 cents. In January 2016, it was 33 cents. 

Centerville Minnoco

Picture caption : Centerville Minnoco was one of the new stations to begin offering E15 in January this year.