Using Biofuels As A Presidential Campaign Platform

  • Wednesday, 14 October 2015 00:00

Anyone watching last night's Democratic debate will have noticed renewable energy received some much warranted attention from the candidates, which was a refreshing change. Unfortunately, biofuels weren't specifically mentioned. 

Still, considering the various topics that were debated and time constraints, it's not surprising there wasn't a section of the debate devoted specifically to biofuels.

Nonetheless, should any candidate decide at some point to make biofuels the center stage of their campaign, they'll be able to offer a solution to the many issues that were discussed in all the presidential debates that have occured so far (yes, we are offering unsolicited advice to the candidates).

After all, biofuels :

Boost Rural Economies (Economic Message)

Reduce Prices At The Pump (Middle Class Message)

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Climate Change Message)

Reduce Our Dependency On Foreign Oil (Energy Independence Message)

We could go one further and argue that the fourth point could also be used in relation to this message : Reducing Our Exposure To Endless Conflict In The Middle East.

So there you have it, candidates. Biofuels can be used to address the many topics that have and will be discussed in the current presidential campaign season.

While we are well aware biofuels alone won't solve all the aforementioned issues, it has and will continue to play an important role. But it does underscore the importance of the RFS. Has there been any other law that has tackled so many critical issues?

With the Iowa Caucus four months away, there is a strong possibility more airtime will be devoted to biofuels. And with the EPA's decision on its final targets for the RFS set for Nov 30, biofuels could be brought to the forefront of the debate.