GPRE : 200 to 300 E15 Stations To Be Added

  • Friday, 31 July 2015 00:00

Green Plains Renewable Energy's (GPRE) CEO, Todd Becker, expects the number of stations offering E15 to grow exponentially in the coming months, according to a report in DTN.

Becker said the company expects 200 to 300 more stations offering E15 by the end of 2016. That would represent a massive jump from the total number of stations currently offering the fuel which is estimated at 90.

"Our first goal is to get 100 million gallons, and we have very large Metropolitan-areas considering E15 as a fuel," he said. 

A 100 million gallons would be very impressive. Moreover, it would also tear down the oil industry's fictitious "blend wall" which has convinced the EPA to lower the RFS targets for this year and 2016. 

Becker did not elaborate as to where these new E15 stations would be located but one could assume his calculations have factored the USDA's $100 million Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership which was set up to assist states in increasing the availability of E15 and E85.

In Minnesota, there are currently 30 stations that offer E15 with several more slated to come on board in the coming months. Moveover, the recently signed E15 Dispenser law which went into effect July 1, will help up to 100 fuel retailers in the state make minor modifications to offer E15.